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"81 Provinces, 81 Students" Project with İşbank

Implemented on 3 September 2008 as a collaboration between İşbank and Darüşşafaka Society, the "81 Provinces, 81 Students" project is still alive and is now one of the longest-standing educational projects in Turkey.According to the format of the project, education expenses (as well other expenses such as clothing, food, accommodation, and stationary) of 81 students who succeed in Darüşşafaka's exam are fully paid by İşbank. Also as part of this project, Darüşşafaka students who go on to university continue to receive İşbank's support via scholarship.

The resources created by İşbank through "81 provinces, 81 students" project have meant that Darüşşafaka's efforts reach even more children. Darüşşafaka Schools' student capacity has gradually increased. Having hosted 748 students in the 2006/07 educational year, Darüşşafaka will host a total of 957 students in 2012/13. This increased capacity of 957 students is a record in Darüşşafaka's 150-year history. With this project, which enables Darüşşafaka Schools to accept students from different provinces throughout Turkey, Darüşşafaka was able to commence the "Expansion to Anatolia" movement. Since 2008 when the project started, approximately 70% of new Darüşşafaka students come from Anatolia and 30% come from Istanbul.

The "81 Provinces, 81 Students" project has contributed greatly to the increased quality of education at Darüşşafaka Schools. Through the "Researcher Children Program," our students start learning research methods in fifth grade. There are now more diverse club activities by which to develop the social and scientific levels of our students, and through these value-added studies in education, our students have seen significantly more academic and social accomplishments.

Promising to continue supporting students who proceed to university, the "81 Provinces, 81 Students" project will pay all expenses for more than 1,000 students in its 14th year – the year the first students of the project will graduate from university. During this time, İşbank will devote more than US$ 100 million to the project.

Operating as one of Turkey’s longest-standing social responsibility projects and with exceptional added value, "81 Provinces, 81 Students" won a gold award at the 2012 International Stevie Awards for Europe's Social Responsibility Program of the Year. Additionally, the project won the Corporate Social Responsibility, Education category, in Turkey’s Golden Compass Public Relations Awards and was a finalist in the European Excellence Awards, Turkey category.

The roots of the Darüşşafaka-İşbank collaboration date back to 1939, the year of the Erzincan earthquake. After the earthquake, İşbank undertook all education expenses for 83 children who were accepted to Darüşşafaka, and these two rooted organizations have been brightening the futures of students ever since. There are no limits to creativity! We welcome your suggestions for how we can start thinking and acting together.


Doğuş Group

Doğuş Group contributed to the construction of the Ayhan Şahenk Arena, home to Darüşşafaka Basketball Team since 1995. Doğuş Group, having contributed to the construction of Ayhan Şahenk Arena inside Darüşşafaka Schools' Campus, contributes also to Turkish sports through its continuous support. The arena, built to international standards such as seating capacity for 3,500 spectators, hosts sporting events as well as cultural activities. The arena’s facilities are also available to Darüşşafaka students for free and without limit.


TÜYAP Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım AŞ will support 24 students of Darüşşafaka Schools by undertaking their education expenses beginning in  the 2012-2013 educational year and continuing  for 10 years through to  graduation. Thanks to a collaboration  between Darüşşafaka Society and TÜYAP Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım AŞ,  a new social responsibility project has commenced. Turkey’s  pioneering organization representing  fairs and exhibitions, TÜYAP will undertake in the 2012-2013 academic year all  education-related expenses for, 12 female and 12 male Darüşşafaka students  for the 10 years between fourth grade through to graduation. The project will also allow for  Darüşşafaka students  to attend TÜYAP's fairs and activities whenever they wish.


Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble Turkey, together with Darüşşafaka,  commenced in 2009 a long-term social responsibility project, "From Dream to Reality," which aims to raise the leaders of tomorrow  and turn their dreams into reality. Through the "From Dream to Reality" project, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Turkey offers the opportunity to uncover the potential of children in many areas such as art, sports, science and culture. In accordance with the project, Darüşşafaka students receive training to develop their project management and leadership qualities and  undertake projects designe to assist  poor children in Turkey.  Disclosed to the public at a press conference on 3 November 2009, the project realised the first dream of  Darüşşafaka students in 2010 with the opening of From Dream to Reality - Fatih Gökmen Planetarium at Darüşşafaka Schools' Campus. With open access for  all students, the planetarium enabled thousands of children from all over Turkey to learn more about astronomy. The second dream of Darüşşafaka students who wished to perpetuate Turkey's cultural values via  the project was realised with photography trips to the Turkish cities of Amasra, Hasankeyf, Istanbul, Mardin,  and Safranbolu. Photographs of Turkey taken by students were publicly exhibited in the “From Dream to Reality - Future Heritage Photo Exhibition” which saw Turkey's cultural values portrayed  in photo frames.


Mehmet Zorlu Foundation

Mehmet Zorlu Foundation contributed to the "Darüşşafaka Seeks Guardians" campaign and supported two students through  graduation. Mehmet Zorlu Foundation undertook two Darüşşafaka students' educational expenses for 10 years to become a "Double Major Donor" in the "Darüşşafaka Seeks Guardians" campaign.


Tema Mağazacılık

Tema Mağazacılık donated TL 100,000 to become a "Graduate Donor" at the "Darüşşafaka Seeks Guardians" campaign. Supporting the "Darüşşafaka Seeks Guardians” campaign, Tema Mağazacılık became a "Graduate Donor" by undertaking the educational expenses of one student for 10 years.



HSBC Bank provides 10-month university scholarships to 45 Darüşşafaka graduates. Kicking off a collaborative project in accordance with corporate social responsibility principles, HSBC Bank provided 10-month university scholarships to 45  Darüşşafaka graduates in the 2011-2011  academic year. In accordance with Darüşşafaka Schools Scholarship Regulation, HSBC will now provide in the 2012-2013 academic year 10-month scholarships to 60 of our graduates.


Boeing Turkey

Boeing Turkey renewed all computer and technical hardware for Darüşşafaka Schools’ IT classes. Withone computer for every six students, Darüşşafaka offers IT classes each year from the fourth grade through graduation. In these classes, students create projects by themselves and access information through the Internet and education software. Renovating the IT classes at Darüşşafaka Schools, Boeing Turkey allows our students access to cutting-edge technology.



One of the world’s leading healthcare companies Sanofi Aventis dedicated the "Sanofi Aventif Science & Tech Lab" on 22 November 2010 as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility endeavours. Providing Darüşşafaka students with the opportunity to convert theoretic knowledge into experimental studies, the lab also offers interactive education through its smart board. In addition, Sanofi-Aventis employees committed to becoming supporters of the corporate volunteering project which was begun in 2009 by Darüşşafaka with the aim of  enabling permanent students to spend their weekends with various role models. As part of the project, Sanofi-Aventis's volunteering employees brought colour to Darüşşafaka students’ weekends  during three different events: a Spanish Circus, ice skating, and a trip to Istanbul’s Maiden's Tower.



One of the world's notable technology companies, EMC renovated our school's Science & Tech Lab. Fully renovated by EMC, which is known for its education-related social responsibility projects, the Science & Tech Lab of Darüşşafaka Schools opened on 29 May 2012. Providing  Darüşşafaka students with easy access to science and technology, the laboratory stands out with its state-of-the-art technology.



One of the pioneering system integrators of the IT sector, Datateknik is among the strategic supporters of Darüşşafaka Schools in terms of hardware. Datateknik donated 115 computers to Darüşşafaka in 2012, renewing existing computer labs and creating new studying areas. Also contributing to the information technology infrastructure  of the campus, Datateknik,  will prepare long-term projects that will help  Darüşşafaka students to develop  technical knowledge and skills.



Through Teknosa's efforts in 2009, Darüşşafaka students and famous Turkish designer Emre Senan created gift-style packaging paper designs. Teknosa implemented  a distinct social responsibility project in 2009 by integrating Darüşşafaka students' creativity into their production process. Beginning 5 December 2009, the project brought Darüşşafaka students and noted Turkish designer Emre Senan together.  Through Senan's guidance, students put their dreams  onto paper and created designs using different materials – each one more exciting than the other. Teknosa, now selling in all of its stores in Turkey gift-style packaging paper designed by Darüşşafaka students,  continuously donates income from the product sales to Darüşşafaka.  

Teknosa also created Teknosa Gift Cards, designed with  patterns by Darüşşafaka students for  Valentine's Day 2010 and sold in denominations of  TL 50, 100 and 250 and donated to Darüşşafaka one percent of revenue for each card sold.


Kahve Dünyası

Based on a social responsibility approach, the well-known Turkish cafe chain, Kahve Dünyası, in cooperation with Darüşşafaka, transforms Darüşşafaka students' designs into coffee cups by creating "Darüşşafaka Glasses." Darüşşafaka students converted  their dreams into reality  with the help of industrial designer Yeşim Bakırküre with a project aimed at developing creative talent and appreciating the satisfaction of transforming design into production. Coffee cups bearing selected  student  drawings  are being sold at Kahve Dünyası for TL 15. Revenue from the  long-term project is being  donated to Darüşşafaka.



The employees of Turkey’s TAV Group, a  leading global  airport design, construction, funding and management company, cooperated with Darüşşafaka Schools' students for the "My Job, My School" exhibition. The "My Job, My School" exhibition is the product of a six-month long effort by 17 members of the TAV Workshop Photography Club along with 20 students from Darüşşafaka Schools' Photography Club. The  project saw Darüşşafaka students visit  Istanbul Atatürk Airport for two days,  photographing the airport’s terminal and other areas while also catching a glimpse of  airline management. Subsequently, TAV Workshop members visited Darüşşafaka Schools to go back in time  to their school years  through photographs, shooting various places at the school including art workshops, the library and the sports arena. These photos made up the "My Job, My School" exhibition which  opened  at the TAV Gallery Istanbul inside Istanbul Atatürk Airport on 9 October 2012.


Damat Tween ADV

For the benefit of Darüşşafaka students, Damat Tween ADV carried out on the Father's Day  2010 and 2011 the social responsibility project called "Gift for you father, a bright future for them." For the benefit of Darüşşafaka students, Damat Tween ADV first carried out on the Father's Day of 2010 the social responsibility project called "Gift for you father, a bright future for them" and repeated the project in 2011. As part of the campaign, Damat Tween ADV donated TL 5 for each shopping transaction at their stores between 3-20 June.



Kiğılı donated to Darüşşafaka part of the revenue derived from Kiğılı Card transactions between 1 and 15 January. Well-known menswear brand, Kiğılı, donated to Darüşşafaka Society 10 TL for every 500 TL transaction and 20 TL for every 1,000 TL transaction conducted by customers using a Kiğılı Card between 1 and 15 January. As part of the campaign, Kiğılı also presented its customers conducting transactions in excess of these limits with donation certificates bearing their names on them.


Istikbal Furniture

İstikbal Furniture meets the furniture needs of Darüşşafaka, particularly student dormitories. Turkey’s leading furniture brand, İstikbal Furniture, donated furniture valued at  more than 100.000 TL,  mainly for student dormitories but also for other areas of the campus.


Johnson Wax AŞ

A corporate sponsor and project partner since 2010, Johnson Wax AŞ continues its support for Darüşşafaka. Owner of international brands such as Raid, Pronto, Mr Muscle, Duck, Baygon, and Glade, Johnson Wax AŞ continues its commitment to  Darüşşafaka students. Johnson Wax AŞ, beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year, supported Darüşşafaka's corporate volunteering projects which enabled  boarding students from outside of Istanbul to spend their weekends with various role models. As a result, Johnson Wax AŞ employees and Darüşşafaka students were able to spend  quality  time together on weekends. The company also  facilitated the  insulation and 2011-2012 academic year completion of Darüşşafaka Girls Students' Dorm,  thus enabling our sixth grade students to join the Inventors' Workshop in 2012-2013.


Yapı Kredi Insurance

Yapı Kredi Insurance employees commenced the "Together for Darüşşafaka" project in 2009 to provide Darüşşafaka students with more active and high-quality free time. One notable aspect of the  project was that it  opened up new opportunities for Darüşşafaka students who were unable to visit their homes on weekends. Thanks to support from Yapı Kredi Insurance employees,  students spent their weekends visiting museums, taking environmental trips, and taking part in various other  social and cultural activities.


JP Morgan

JP Morgan supported Darüşşafaka's project "Teachers as Lifelong Learners" from 2008 to 2011. Providing top-quality education to students and continuing its commitment to the continuous development of its teachers, Darüşşafaka began in 2008 the "Teachers as Lifelong Learners" project. JP Morgan was the largest supporter of the project which aims to increase Darüşşafaka teachers' professional competency to even higher levels. The project was supported for three years by JP Morgan, which adopts a principle  of investing in economic opportunities, development projects and environmental programs that support the development of societies. Project  trainings were provided by The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), two organizations  known as pioneers of  international education initiatives.


Microsoft Turkey

Supporting Darüşşafaka's students, teachers and guardians through educational programs such as "Safe Use of the Internet" and "Innovative Teachers," Microsoft Turkey also contributes licensed Microsoft products. Microsoft Turkey implemented the first stage of  the "Safe Internet Project" on 13 September 2011Offering an enjoyable learning environment through a web-based game for both students and their guardians, Microsoft Turkey repeated the seminars for fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders  that same year. Offering the "Innovative Teachers" training for our teachers, Microsoft Turkey also collaborates with us at the "Dream School" project together with Young Guru Academy.



Siemens carried out a project to establish a "Mechatronics Club" at Darüşşafaka Schools. In order for Darüşşafaka students to be able to put their science class learning into practice, Siemens established the "Mechatronics Club,"  bringing together mechanics, physics and information technology.


Turkcell Superonline

Turkey's innovative Internet Service Provider, Turkcell Superonline, provided Darüşşafaka with a free fiber Internet infrastructure. Facilitating Darüşşafaka campus with fiber Internet, Turkcell Superonline continues its support for  Darüşşafaka.


Düzey Pazarlama A.Ş.

As a continuously operating boarding school,  Darüşşafaka not only provides a high quality education but also offers students an environment for healthy growth. For example, every night before they go to bed, primary school students are offered  milk  donated by Koç Holding’s Düzey Pazarlama A.Ş.



Revenue from the book, "Say 'OK Mum' for once," prepared in collaboration with electronics & home appliances brand Profilo and Doğan Egmont Publishing, is being donated to Darüşşafaka. Prepared in collaboration with Profilo and Doğan Egmont, the guide book offers  useful knowledge and tips to mothers seeking better communication  and quality time with their children. The book contains numerous suggestions, for example, for ways to increase the  appetite of children who don't want to eat as well as how to encourage  children to prepare faster for school in the morning. The revenue obtained from the 160-page book sold at D&R stores is  being donated to Darüşşafaka Schools.



Sodexo supported Darüşşafaka with the gifts bestowed to partner schools' students. Bestowing various gifts to partner schools' students every year, Sodexo supported Darüşşafaka with its 2011 presents. Preparing 10,000 pens bearing the Darüşşafaka Society's logo and the "equal opportunities in education" script, Sodexo gave these pens as presents to partnering schools' students throughout the year. Doing so, Sodexo not only contributed to the recognition of Darüşşafaka Society but also supported the education of Darüşşafaka students.


Novartis and the Turkish Pharmacists' Association

Novartis and the Turkish Pharmacists' Association gave their support to our annual nationwide exam based on our principle of equal rights in education. Novartis and the Turkish Pharmacists' Association gave their support in 2010 to our annual nationwide exam  based on our principle of equal rights in education, paving the way for us to reach more students. As part of the project, Novartis undertook the publishing of  posters and brochures promoting the exam, while the Turkish Pharmacists' Association distributed these materials through pharmacies.



Cosmopolitan magazine supported Darüşşafaka with the 2009 project "Read and make others read." Cosmopolitan magazine carried out a very effective social responsibility initiative with its "Read and make others read" project. The magazine donated 15 percent of its 2009 March revenue to Darüşşafaka.



Opet provided training to Darüşşafaka primary school students as part of the "Clean Toilet Campaign" carried out since 2000.

OPET provided hygiene classes to fourth and fifth grade students of Darüşşafaka Schools during the 2010-2011 academic  year as part of the "Clean Toilet Campaign" carried out since 2000. As one of Turkey’s longest-standing social responsibility projects and one that has been carried out at many schools so far, the training was given by OPET Founding Board Member Nurten Öztürk –  viewed by Darüşşafaka as a distinct privilege. Previously a teacher and today a successful businesswoman, Nurten Öztürkchose to lead the OPET Training Group instead of entrusting the job to someone else. Opet repeated the hygiene training for the 120 students who began their education at Darüşşafaka in the 2011-2012 academic year.


Eyüp Sabri Tuncer

The prominent cologne brand in Turkey which has existed since the very foundation of the young Republic, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, created “The Republic’s Smell” cologne in 2013. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer donates all the revenue derived from the sales of this cologne to Darüşşafaka. The cologne is available here.


Turkish Educational Foundation

Thanks to our recent collaboration with the Turkish Educational Foundation (TEF) – a California based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the educational needs of children from low-income families in Turkey, our US based donors are now able to make a tax-deductable donation to Darüşşafaka by directing their gifts to TEF, a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the US, with the tax ID 23-7050060.



Darüşşafaka products, created in order to raise funds for the education of Darüşşafaka students, are sold in the biggest online shopping web site of Turkey, GittiGidiyor.com. If you want to contribute to the mission of “Equality of Opportunity in Education”, you are welcome to the Darüşşafaka Shop on GittiGidiyor.com.


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