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Darüşşafaka Society organizes a talent contest where a nine-year-old girl from Pötürge district of Malatya province might as well rank first. It provides the most advanced education technologies to make the dreams of that little girl who wants to become a doctor as she takes the green iron gate, come true.  It gives her new clothes each year as she grows out the old ones. While she grows up in a sound environment -just like her sisters and brothers- she will receive degrees in dance contests, comic strip contests, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) contests, chess contests and sports contests on behalf of our country and Darüşşafaka. She will pass the university entrance exam and become a doctor, unless she changes her mind until then. She will become a part of the global race, with a civic awareness following the path of Atatürk. As Darüşşafaka Society, for a century and a half, we have spent every dime you donated on creating an educational opportunity that would ensure added-value for our children. 

We want every child who meets our criteria to take our exam and provide education in our school to each child that passes the exam! Let's make more life stories in which education has made a change.

Even if there is one child left who did not take the exam although s/he fulfils the criteria, or whose family did not allowed him/her despite having passed the exam, it means there is one more person we need to reach. You can also support our historic cause by spreading the word about our activities. 

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