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We are meeting the meat needs of our students through your votive donations.

Sacrificial votive donations are welcomed in certain intervals according to the quantity of meat available in our kitchen stocks. Animals sacrificed are used for meeting the meat needs of up to 1000 students spend their time on 24 / 7 basis in our school.

Your sacrificial votive donation is realized through cattle slaughtering on one seventh share basis.  A donation of one seventh share amounts to TL 1,500.  As the sacrificed animal meats are used in our school refectories, animals are slaughtered in groups, not one at a time. Animals donated during the summer break when our students are away on holiday are slaughtered after our students are back in school. Benefactors donating live animals are notified about the time and venue of slaughtering beforehand by phone call or e-mail. If they so wish, donators may attend the slaughtering carried out in modern slaughter houses and in accordance with religious norms. Slaughtering certificates are later sent by e-mail to donators not present in slaughtering.

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