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Your Second Spring Changes the Future of our Children 

To benefit from the services at Darüşşafaka's Yakacık Residence, Maltepe Residence, Şenesenevler Residence and Urla Residence as well as a life-long health insurance, donors must be aged 65 or over and need only to make a one-time donation to Darüşşafaka Society.

You can donate fully however you wish – in cash, or in real estate. When you decide what you are going to donate, the value of the real estate donated will be determined by an independent appraisal company and be reported to you. Through this process, Darüşşafaka Society will offer for your approval a detailed contract prepared for your lifestyle, while Darüşşafaka's law office provides you with all the support you may require in connection therewith.

After all legal procedures have been completed, the gates of your new home at Darüşşafaka Residences will be wide open for you.

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