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A bequest is a donations made by last will and testament upon death of a donor. Wanting a better future for Turkey, many benefactors – from Atatürk's mother, Zübeyde Hanım, to the skilful author of our literature, Sait Faik – prefer to bequeath their assets to Darüşşafaka. Such bequests serve not only to fulfill lifelong desires to educate intelligent, curious, patriotic youngsters but also to preserve for all of posterity the names of our generous bequeathing donors.

Anyone who is deemed competent to exercise their civil rights may bequeath to Darüşşafaka Society any movable or immovable asset or any right that brings financial income such as rent or copyright. Of course since bequests become valid only upon death, donors are of course entitled to use their property as they wish during their lifetime.


How to Bequeath

Donors may donate on condition that specific terms or liabilities are met by the Society. For instance, Sait Faik Abasıyanık donated his house at Burgazada on condition that it would be used as a museum. In addition, donors may add specific requests to be performed by the Society. For instance, donors may request that the Society perform burial procedures, perform regular maintenance of grave sites, organize annual memorial services, etc. Donors may issue a testament to donate any of their assets as well as the whole or any part of their estates to the Society. The most significant part of any donation, a testament may be issued by a donor either in writing or verbally before a notary and becomes valid upon the donor’s death.


Legal Assistance

Testament Darüşşafaka Society provides the following support to our bequeathing donors:

  • If requested, we deposit your income and real estate taxes.
  • We give you an SOS card so that you can receive discounted doctor and ambulance services in case of medical emergency.
  • We arrange for discounts at contractual private hospitals.
  • We provide "Emergency Information Cards" containing our personnel's contact information for you to use whenever you need.
  • We provide transportation to a hospital in case of any illness, and we continuously follow your treatment process.
  • We provide (for a specific period of time) you with any special care you require at our Maltepe Special Care Unit.
  • If requested, we provide you with follow-up legal services (rent tracing, tenant courts) if the Society has power of attorney to conduct such activities on your behalf.
  • We ensure that all religious procedures are carried out in accordance with donor wishes upon death.
  • We perform regular grave maintenance of our deceased donors and organize prayers on Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Decree).

Respecting the wishes of bequeathing donors for 152 years, Darüşşafaka invites anyone who believes that a better Turkey requires a better-educated youth to bequeath with pride. For more information, please contact Esen Türkmen via telephone on +90 212 939 2800 (extension #2447) or via e-mail at


  1. As dictated by generally accepted principles of transparency, Darüşşafaka Society shares the names of its donors publicly unless otherwise requested.
  2. Pursuant to the 38th article about income and expenditure documents relevant to the Society’s Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs published on the Official Gazette dated 31/03/2005, Number 25772: “If Society income is collected through banks, the extracts, bank statements or similar certificates are counted as receipts. However, if needed, a specific voucher may be issued.”
  3. Donors who make online donations and specify an e-mail address will receive an e-receipt.
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