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Pursuant to the 38th article about income and expenditure documents relevant to the Society’s Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs published on the Official Gazette dated 31/03/2005, Number 25772: “If Society income is collected through banks, the extracts, bank statements or similar certificates are counted as receipts. However, if needed, a specific voucher may be issued.”

In accordance with the regulation, and in an effort to abide by the environmental sustainability guidelines, from 1 April 2014 onwards, Darüşşafaka Society will not be sending printed receipts copies to donors of amounts less than 10,000 TL apart from the soft copies sent to their e-mail addresses.

Donors without registered e-mail addresses in the database, will continue to receive printed copies of their receipts for their donations of 500 TL or more, if their mailing address details are available. Notifications via e-mail are sent on the next business day following the donation date, printed copies are also sent on request. 

We are grateful for each tree you save.

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