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“Darüşşafaka is Looking for Guardians" campaign welcomes anyone who believes that lives can be changed through education. 

Darüşşafaka Society identifies children with one or no parents and experience financial difficulties from all around Turkey, and gives them the chance to receive an education that is as high quality as the one provided in private schools. Children who join Darüşşafaka Family at the age of ten have full scholarship, boarding and English language education to embark upon the journey of life, as nineteen year-old modern, self-confident leaders who are aware of their accountability to the society in all areas. Darüşşafaka is looking for "Guardians" to help this mission. We invite you to give a chance to our children with whom we all have been entrusted!
Apart from expenses like food, clothing, accommodation and medical services, the annual education expenditure for a student studying at Darüşşafaka is 30,000 Turkish liras which is the amount covered by our benefactors within the scope of this campaign. You can take part in this campaign both on an individual and corporate level and become a “Guardian” for about 1000 students in our school. 
If you decide to contribute to our campaign where all citizens and organizations mindful of the needs of our students are welcome, you can make a donation at once or in multiple instalments over a specific period of time. 
“Darüşşafaka is looking for Guardians” program invites you to accompany our students in their academic journey and see the change we make together. 

You can join our " Guardian Donors" by covering 30,000 TL of the annual education expenses for one of our students studying at Darüşşafaka. 


Donate TL 250.000 to become a "Graduate Donor"

Donate TL 500,000 to become a "Double Major Donor"

Donate TL 2 million to become a "Cornerstone Donor"

Donate TL 10 million to become a "Founding Donor

The names of Graduate Donors, Double Major Donors, Cornerstone Donors and Founding Donors are engraved in the school's pillars. 

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