Annual Donation Campaign For Darüşşafaka Graduates

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The campaign which kicked off in 2007 and achieved 6.634.585 TL worth of donations from 2.912 Darüşşafaka graduates over the first 7 years, aims to receive support from more and more Darüşşafaka graduates each year and consolidate their bonds with our school as home they were raised in. 

As part of the campaign repeated each year, the names of the donors are announced via a special booklet published at the end of the year. Although the exact amounts of donations are not disclosed, the donations are announced under the four categories listed below. Moreover, a comparison of classes is provided, based on the total amount donated and number of donors from a specific year. 

Honored: 5.001 TL and more
Admired: 1.001 to 5000 TL
Appreciated: 101 to 1.000 TL 
Contributors: up to 100 TL.

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