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Darüşşafaka Exam for a full scholarship and boarding education

To be held in 24 cities on May 31st

Darüşşafaka Education Institutions, offering free boarding education opportunity to the gifted and successful fatherless or motherless children with inadequate financial facilities, is going to organize its 2020 Admission Exam in 24 cities of Turkey at 10:00 hours on Sunday, May 31st. Thereupon, students showing success in the exam and successfully passing the financial situation check and medical board examination will have the right to get free college education from secondary school to university.

Full scholarship, boarding, college education opportunity only in Darüşşafaka…

All families want their children to get a good education, be successful, have a happy life, and be useful for both their family and country. Darüşşafaka is offering free and full boarding education opportunity to the gifted and successful fatherless or motherless children with inadequate financial facilities. Founded in the year 1863 by benevolent individuals believing that all children of our country have the right to get a good education, Darüşşafaka is meeting all needs and requirements such as education, healthcare, nutrition, sheltering and clothing of its students selected by an exam every year, and is raising and graduating them from high school as well-trained individuals.  Students graduated from Darüşşafaka High School are starting university as well-educated, computer literate and reading youth knowing English, playing a musical instrument and doing sports. Darüşşafaka is further continuing its scholarship support for its successful graduates also through their university education. 

Children at Darüşşafaka:

Get a computer-supported education in classrooms and laboratories equipped by contemporary technologies; and

Make use of fully equipped rich library; and

Learn how to use both Turkish and English correctly and fluently; and

Play basketball, football and tennis, and learn how to swim, and do gymnastic exercises in outdoor and indoor sports halls; and

Watch or organize shows in the large and magnificent theatre hall; and

Learn how to play a musical instrument as they wish and are skilled at; and

Have access to all healthcare services.


At Darüşşafaka, students are trained in using and playing any musical instruments as they wish.


In 2020, when will Darüşşafaka Admission Exam be held?

Registration Starting Date: January 2nd, 2020, Thursday

Registration Ending Date:  May 18th, 2020, Monday

Date of Exam: May 31st, 2020, Sunday

Time of Exam: 10.00*

* Candidates are required to be present at the venue of exam at 09.00 hours.

Conditions of eligibility for Darüşşafaka Admission Exam:

To be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey; and

To be motherless and/or fatherless; and

Family’s financial situation being inadequate to fund the continuing education of candidate: and

To be born in 2009 or subsequent years (age correction is unacceptable); and

To be an elementary school 4th grade student in 2019-2020 Academic Year; and

To have a physical and mental health fit for getting education in a boarding school.

Only candidates meeting all of the conditions listed above may file an application for registration in exam.


Documents required to be submitted in an application for Darüşşafaka Admission Exam:

“A certificate issued and duly signed and sealed by the Principal of elementary school of the candidate, evidencing that the candidate is a 4th grade student in elementary school in the current academic year” (School reports are unacceptable); and

A photocopy of identity card; and

A certificate of an identity register extract (Copies, photocopies, mukhtar certificate or death certificate are unacceptable); and

Two (2) recent passport photographs of candidate; and

Application Form (duly filled in).


Important note:

Applications for registration in exam can be filed ONLINE or be delivered by hand to Darüşşafaka Secondary School (Darüşşafaka Mah. Darüşşafaka Cad. No:5/9 Maslak 34457 Sarıyer / ISTANBUL). 

Submittals needed for application are definitely required to be delivered by hand or by mail to Darüşşafaka Secondary School.

Final registration right is dependent on:

The candidates’ passing the exam and thereafter, coming to school for a medical board examination at the dates notified to them; and

The medical board’s issuing a report verifying that the candidate has no health problem which may preclude acceptance to and enrolment in a boarding school; and

The results of financial situation check to be conducted at dates to be designated by Darüşşafaka.

A candidate who does not accept the “Medical Board” invitation and does not attend the “financial situation check” process of the school is not eligible for registration and enrolment even if he passes the exam.


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