Weekend Activities

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In Darüşşafaka, a great many of activities are organized for “full boarding” students, as named from the past to present, spending weekends as well in the school campus.

On Saturdays the students generally enjoy very different on-campus activities such as music, drama, needle felting, chess, swimming, tennis, football, magic tricks and yoga. On Sundays, many enriching off-campus activities are organized for full boarding students, such as culture and art tours, seaside walks, fishing, ice skating, bowling, drama, cinema, art exhibitions or museum trips.

Darüşşafaka students with families residing in Istanbul or neighbouring cities, i.e. “weekly boarders”, spend their weekends with their families.  As of today, more than half of around 1,000 students of Darüşşafaka are coming from cities other than Istanbul and are therefore full boarding students thereat.

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