Darüşşafaka Techno-Entrepreneurship Youth Center

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Darüşşafaka Techno-Entrepreneurship Youth Center, which was established in cooperation with İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) in June 11th, 2014, is at the same time the first high school level "Techno-Entrepreneurship Youth Center" in Turkey. The Center, which aims at contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and individual creativity of students, serves the students both in public and private schools.

The Center, situated in Darüşşafaka Schools in Maslak Campus, aims at developing students' entrepreneurial activities and innovative ideas by broadening their technological knowledge of environment, electronics, software, mechatronic-robotics, communication and raising their awareness on those fields. In the two storey Center, there are modules on Modern Technology and Electronic Systems, Energy (Wind, Solar, Water, Hydrothermal), Technology and Computer, Physics-Chemistry-Biology, Mobile Robot, 3D Robot, Robotic Education and Basic Communications.

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