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There are different facilities and living spaces at Darüşşafaka Maslak Campus to ensure outstanding education for the students. Darüşşafaka offers high quality life-standard with the aim of creating an environment for teachers and students to make them productive and successful people. Cultural and social lives, the organizations and activities attended, friendships are all part of our students’ Darüşşafaka experience.


Darüşşafaka’s library uses the latest technology and has individual study rooms and computers for students. It houses more than 20,000 books, references, and research papers, more than 5,000 of which are  in English. Students can also follow many periodicals on sciences, art and culture in the library.


Darüşşafaka’s cafeteria, used by all students for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner, enjoys a staff of 50 including dieticians who prepare menus according to students’ developmental and nutritional needs. Darüşşafaka pays utmost attention to providing a healthy diet to its students, including availability of fruit baskets in every hallway to encourage healthy snacking during breaks.


Darüşşafaka is amongst Turkey’s top educational institutions, but is also a home and a family for its students. Today, there are around 1.000 students from 67 provinces. While students from Istanbul spend their weekends with their families, students from Anatolia spend their entire time on campus.

Dormitories for boys and girls are located in two separate buildings and have a combined capacity of 1.000 students, offering a healthy, happy and peaceful environment for students. Each dormitory is comprised of 30 study rooms, five computer rooms with a total of 50 computers, and five lounges for relaxing. The facilities has heating, air conditioning and hot water around the clock. Students grow up with love and care in these dormitories which also offer TV rooms, laundry, tailor and hairdresser services.

Study rooms

Dormitories have study rooms where students can do their homework or study. Each study room has an attendant who helps students with their work and tracks their study habits.



Sports facilities

Darüşşafaka encourages its students to participate in sports and supports them in this during their time in Darüşşafaka. Sports are an important component of daily life at the school. Students can use the indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer field, running tracks and gymnasiums anytime they want and can also receive training from professional instructors.

A 2.500-seat conference, concert and performance hall

Darüşşafaka organizes many seminars, panels, conferences and concerts during each academic year and invites prominent artists, writers, journalist and scientists to meet students at its own facilities as well as at the TIM Show Centre, one of Turkey’s leading performance halls that keeps its doors open for use by Darüşşafaka students. Students are thus able to stage all cultural and artistic events at the TIM Show Centre, which also hosts internationally renowned artists and performers.

1.150-seat amphitheatre

Darüşşafaka’s amphitheatre hosts plays by students and professional theatre companies alike. Darüşşafaka students perform one large scale production of a well-known play every year either in Turkish or English.


Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Arena

Darüşşafaka Doğuş Basketball Team has its home court since 1995 at Darüşşafaka Ayhan Şahenk Arena located in Darüşşafaka Schools Campus in Maslak, Istanbul. With a spectator capacity of 3.500, the sports venue can be utilized by all Darüşşafaka students limitlessly and for free.


Planetarium and Observatory

The Fatin Gökmen Planetarium located on the Darüşşafaka Schools’ campus is the first digital planetarium in Turkey to feature a permanent dome. It was opened on April 16, 2010 as part of the project “From a dream to a reality Fatin Gökmen Planetarium”. The Planetarium is seven meters in diameter and it accommodates 36 people. In it, students have the chance to discover the magical world of the universe. The Planetarium hosts different activities throughout the year and students from other schools are invited to share in the opportunity to learn about space.

Additionally in the on-campus Observatory, students have the chance to observe the sun during the day and the stars and planets by night. It was opened on January 17, 2012. Students can use both the Planetarium and Observatory for free. For reservation, please contact



There is a 24-hour infirmary on campus with 34 beds and trained medical staff.

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