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Darüşşafaka Schools, Turkey’s first schools to have been established by a non-governmental organization, have been providing since 1873 full-scholarship, boarding, and high quality education to those talented but financially disadvantaged children with deceased fathers or mothers. Today, at Darüşşafaka, almost 1000 children from all over the country receive boarding education in English with a full scholarship from the 5th grade until high school graduation.

Equal Opportunity in the Admission Exam

Aiming to bring up children as lifelong learning, researching, questioning, modern, self - confident and accountable leaders by providing them “equal opportunity in education”, Darüşşafaka holds an Admission Exam every year in either May or June across Turkey. Darüşşafaka Schools have been striving to reach all students meeting their criteria in light of its principle of “equal opportunity in education.” Since 2008-2009 academic year Darüşşafaka switched from a knowledge-based to an aptitude test, attesting to the fact that not all students in Turkey have access to the same level of education.

High Quality Education

In its modern campus in Maslak, Darüşşafaka offers students a high quality education in international standards. Classes consist of maximum 20 students. At Darüşşafaka, the language of instruction is Turkish and English. It offers education in English since 1955. The education system is experiential, and students learn subjects such as science, physics, chemistry and IT in dedicated labs.

Aside from the “training on thinking” aiming to develop the critical thinking skills of students, such courses as chess and drama, and Writing Workshop in Turkish and English, and workshops such as reading hour are also given starting from the 5th grade.

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