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A New Home for You, a New Future for Our Children: Get your place at the Darüşşafaka Residences for a new exclusive life and the success of our children!..

You may claim your place at Darüşşafaka Residences any time you want, giving you the chance to receive exclusive quality of service and to contribute through your donations to the bright future of our children. Your healthy, safe and blissful future means a bright future for our children!

Your new home: Darüşşafaka Residences

In order for our donors who have been keeping the Darüşşafaka light glowing since 1863 to live the last years of their lives in a blissful, safe, healthy, comfortable and lively atmosphere with new friends, Darüşşafaka opened Yakacık Residence in 1997. Putting Maltepe, Şenesenevler and Urla Residences into the service of its donors, Darüşşafaka Society decided to carry the role it undertakes in education to the elderly as well, offering its donors both the inner peace of contributing to the education of poor children and the opportunity to live the last years of their lives free of worries. 

All you need to do is to enjoy your life! 

Today, Darüşşafaka Residences fill a huge gap in Turkey in terms of elder care with its lifelong health coverage, independence-focused service, exclusively designed apartments, restaurants offering nutritionist-controlled menus, 24-hour health and safety services, swimming pool, hobby rooms and enjoyable social activities.

How to become a residence donor

By making a one-time donation to Darüşşafaka Society, you will be entitled to receive this exclusive service at our residences and enjoy your "second spring." You can donate however you wish – in cash, or in real estate. The value of the real estate that you donate will be determined by an appraisal company. Through this process, Darüşşafaka will offer for your approval a detailed contract prepared for your lifestyle, while Darüşşafaka's law office provides you with all the support you may require.

After all legal procedures have been completed, the gates of your new home at Darüşşafaka Residences will be wide open for you.

Health comes first

Providing 24-hour health services with specialist doctors and medical teams, the residences also feature the opportunity to receive treatment from Turkey's prominent A1-Class private health institutions along with  lifelong health coverage. All residence clinics include an emergency room. All donors’ rooms and public areas are equipped with emergency call systems connected to the residence clinic.

Thanks to this system, donors are able to immediately access doctors and nurses. Darüşşafaka Ömran and Yahya Hamuluoğlu Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre as well as Maltepe Special Care Unit provide services to residents whenever they need.

A healthy life comes from a healthy diet

Menus at residence restaurants are prepared by expert nutritionists, with particular attention given to donors’ age, health, and daily caloric requirements. Three meals a day are selected from amongst all the world’s cuisines and prepared by a professional team at the residence kitchens. The restaurants offer waiter service as well as buffets for salads, olive-oil dishes and low-calorie desserts. The primary aim of residence restaurants, serving in accordance with healthy diet principles, is to provide homemade meal flavour and quality. Personal meals can be prepared for donors whose doctors ask for a special diet. If necessary, meals can also be served directly to a donors' residence.

A lively life with lots of activities

The social, cultural and artistic activities at the residences are planned annually by specialists based on donors' requests and suggestions. In each residence, there is a Donors' Representatives Committee to inform our management board about the  any special requests. Residence theatres host both blockbuster movies and classics, while conversations, concerts and conferences are also organized for the enjoyment of residents. An appreciated tradition, five o'clock tea ceremonies offer ideal opportunities to socialize and make friends.

Various activities are organized for donors to enjoy religious and national holidays. New Year's Day, Mothers Day, Teachers Day and birthdays are never  forgotten.

Donors can have a more pleasurable life by learning new hobbies such as painting, knitting, embroidery, mock-up, cooking and more – all  accompanied by professional hobby instructors. As well as a wide range of internal activities, there are various external activities nearly every day. Under supervision of social service specialists, donors may go shopping or attend concerts, plays, movies, ballet and opera shows. In addition to going to morning walks, picnics or to the beach, donors also join ceremonies at Darüşşafaka Schools and Darüşşafaka Sports Club's matches. 

Fitness, billiards, Pilates, swimming pool, hobby room and more. Darüşşafaka Residences offer many facilities for donors to enjoy themselves, including  a gym with all types of modern equipment, a games lounge with billiards, chess, rummikub, backgammon and many more, a hobby room that is supervised by hobby instructors, a heated swimming pool for year-round use, as well as cinema and theatre halls. More than 100 personnel work at each residence where more than 300 internal or external activities are organized. In addition, residence hairdressers are available to provide all personal care services for donors.

Starting the day at the residence

A typical day at the residences begins with morning exercise or breakfast at the donor's discretion. Some donors wake up at sunrise and enjoy the pool, while others exercise at the well-equipped gym supervised by a physiotherapist.

While residents enjoy their buffet-style breakfast, their apartments are cleaned and their laundry washed, dried and ironed. After breakfast, residents can read daily newspapers or watch TV either in their rooms or in lounges while drinking their tea or coffee.

Freedom-based service

Individual living areas are "exclusively designed apartments" at Darüşşafaka Residences, built based on the needs, comfort and happiness of the residents. Donors may choose from  differently themed 1 bed/1 bath, 2 bed/1 bath, and suite-style apartments, allowing them to maintain their previous lifestyle in their new home. Should they wish, residents may alter the decor of their apartment and/or add their own personal effects. Residents may host guests at any time and may stay outside the Residence at night. Taking every measure to ensure the safety and comfort of donors, Darüşşafaka Residences provides 24-hour security and information desk services.

Medical Services

  • If you wish, you can have a life-long health insurance, or you can choose to use your own medical insurance,
  • Constant in-house medical support for all donors (Regular checks, preventive medical services),
  • Instant intervention via emergency call systems connected to the residence clinic installed in all donors’ rooms and public areas,
  • Guaranteed service in Darüşşafaka Special Care Units for all residence donors if they need assisted living in the later years of their lives,

  • Specialist medical teams provide regular checks for our donors in all residences.
  • All residence donors are entitled to receive treatment in the Physiotherapy Units located in all residences as well as in Ömran and Yahya Hamuluoğlu Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in İstanbul, whenever they need.

Warmth of your home, comfort of a residence

  • Rooms with different themes, tailored for individual needs,
  • World-class comfort and aesthetic outlook,
  • Routine maintenance, laundry, drying and ironing services...

Healthy and balanced diet you need

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in an elite restaurant atmosphere,
  • A selection of menus prepared by expert nutritionists, with low-calorie options,
  • Meals as healthy as home-cooked ones, prepared by a professional team at the residence kitchens...

A safe and free life 

  • 7/24 security and reception services,
  • Chance to stay outside the residence whenever you wish,
  • Chance to host family members and friends as overnight guests in “guest rooms”...

The life starts over in your new home 

  • Hobby classes such as painting, knitting, embroidery, jewelry design and ceramic sculpturing – all accompanied by professional hobby instructors,
  • Game rooms with chessboards, playing cards and backgammon sets,
  • TV rooms, elegant cafes, library,
  • Daily newspapers, magazines...

Busy schedule, high spirits 

  • Under supervision of social service specialists, activities such as sight-seeing, concerts, plays, movies, ballet and opera shows,
  • Tea parties and celebrations while having warm conversations with your new friends,
  • Activities with Darüşşafaka students on special days,
  • Table tennis, pool table, treadmill, work-out in equipped gyms,
  • Hairdressers services...

Get your place in the privileged Darüşşafaka Residences while supporting our children on their way to success!



For detailed information on residence donations, please contact:
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