We’re running for education in 42nd Istanbul Virtual Marathon

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Wherever you are, in Turkey or other corners of the world, you can easily run for Darüşşafaka at 42nd Istanbul Virtual Marathon to be organized on 7-8 November this year in the form of a VIRTUAL RACE. Our goal is to raise a fund of 2 million TL for supporting the cost of education kit for our 1,000 students for 1 year!

Istanbul Marathon, attended by hundreds of local and foreign runners every year, will be organized in the form of a VIRTUAL RACE due to pandemic this year. Using an smart phone application, everyone will be able to participate in the marathon from wherever he/she likes.


You may participate a virtual race by running under theterms and conditions determined by yourself!

Thanks to a free application you may download into IOS and Android telephones, you can take your part in this race by running anywhere you like and recording your running information!

SWEATers App

Click for downloading this application into your IOS Telephone

Click for downloading this application into your Android Telephone


How can I be registered in for 42nd Istanbul Virtual Marathon?

The registration for 42nd Istanbul Virtual Marathon is open for a limited number of participants, so please click to apply! 

How can I give support to Darüşşafaka students by running?

Istanbul Marathon is at the same time a Charity Race for kind-hearted people, and is a fund raising method used successfully for supporting the non-governmental organizations all over the world. Darüşşafaka Society is taking part in these charity races since the year 2015 in order to raise funds for education of children who have lost a parent and have  limited financial means.

After registering in 42nd Istanbul Virtual Marathon, you must become a member of Adım Adım (Step by Step) group in order to initiate a donation campaign and to raise funds by activating your social circles.

In order to become a member of Adım Adım (Step by Step) family, you can register here in Run After Kindness Platform (IPK)!

Darüşşafaka Society’s project: “If it is a Matter of Education, we Race to Help.”

After building your profile in IPK, you can initiate your donation campaign by choosing “If it is a Matter of Education, we Race to Help” project of Darüşşafaka Society, and then by sharing your link with your social circles!

About Istanbul Marathon

One of the few special marathons of the world grouped in the Gold Category by International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Istanbul Marathon will be run by a limited number of athletes between the continents due to the pandemic this year. Runners not accepted to the quota may also participate in the marathon by running anywhere they like thanks to an application to be downloaded into their IOS and Android telephones. This application will make it possible not only for Istanbulites but also for anyone from all corners of the world to participate in the marathon.

For detailed information and help: [email protected]


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