Darüşşafaka joined the United Nations Global Compact

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Darüşşafaka Society participated in the United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative, with thousands of business participants and other stakeholders from civil society, labour and government located in 160 countries.

At the heart of the Global Compact is a conviction that organizational practices rooted in universal principles help the global marketplace to be more socially and economically inclusive, thus advancing collective goals of international cooperation, peace and development. Indeed, companies and other organizations participating in the Global Compact are working diligently to give concrete meaning to this principle-based change approach.

As a voluntary initiative, the Global Compact draws strength from the participants’ commitment and actions. To spur implementation and progress, the Global Compact provides various learning and engagement opportunities for signatories. These include: 80-plus country and regional networks where issues and activities are driven at a local level; practical tools and guidance documents on the principles and other priority issues; and international and local events where multi- stakeholder participants can exchange experiences, partake in learning and problem-solving exercises, engage in dialogue and identify like-minded organizations for partnering projects.

For more information on the Global Compact please visit www.unglobalcompact.org


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