TKYD Corporate Governance Award Goes To Darüşşafaka!

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Darüşşafa Society has ranked first in the top 3 NGO categories that have the highest Corporate Governance Rating. "TEGV" has placed as second, and “The Institute of Internal Auditing- Turkey” followed them as the third one.

TKYD Chairman Feyyaz Ünal, providing information about the Corporate Governance Awards, said, “Corporate governance is a mechanism that guides the management, facilitates and increases transparency for all institutions, although it has good practices and relevant legislative regulations for public companies. We also aim to encourage companies and non-governmental organizations to do the good practices in this field while drawing attention with the Corporate Governance Awards."

Ünal also said and added, " We invite all companies, institutions, and organizations that adopt their corporate governance principles and to announce their Corporate Governance Compliance Report every year regularly to inform their stakeholders clearly and transparently. I congratulate all companies and NGOs who contributed and received awards. " in his speech.

In 2013, Darüşşafaka Society became the first non-governmental organization due to its transparency, accountability, and sustainability by making a corporate governance compliance rating.

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