The Integrated Report of our Association for 2022 has been announced

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Our Association published its Integrated Report, which presents its activities and future strategies for 2022 from a holistic perspective.

Our report was prepared with the philosophy of Integrated Reporting and spreading integrated thinking, which is the mission of the Value Reporting Foundation, which continues its activities within the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS-International Finance and Reporting Standards). As a methodology, the basic concepts and principles of the International Integrated Reporting Framework (<IR> Framework) were applied.

In our report, the activities carried out in 2022 by our Association, which has been operating with the mission of "Equality of Opportunity in Education" since 1863, and our affiliated institutions in line with this purpose, and how the donations made for the sustainability of these activities were used were conveyed with the logic and perspective of Integrated Reporting.

In our report, our Association, which provides full scholarship, boarding and quality education for 8 years to talented children whose parents are not alive and whose family's financial means are insufficient, and our contributions to the goals of High Quality Education (SDG4) and Reducing Inequalities (SDG10), which directly benefit from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and End Poverty (SDG1), Health and Quality of Life (SDG3), Gender Equality (SDG5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8), which indirectly benefit from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were included. 

With our report, the strategic goals of our Association, its prioritised issues in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, its activities in 2022 in the light of data, its future plans, its resources, the value created by its business model, its management structure, its independently audited financial statements and its future expectations were also shared with the public.

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