The Association of Darüşşafakalılar Is 115 Years Old!

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The Association of Darüşşafakalılar, founded by around 150 graduates of Darüşşafaka who came together in the historical building in Fatih, Istanbul on August 21st, 1908, is celebrating its 115th anniversary.

The Association of Darüşşafakalılar, aiming to serve as a channel of communication and solidarity among graduates of Darüşşafaka and those who set their hearts on Darüşşafaka, is originally founded with the name of “Darüşşafaka Mezunin Cemiyeti” (Society of Darüşşafaka Graduates) after its first meeting of August 21st, 1908. The Association stands as the first society of graduates in both Ottoman Empire and our Republic.

The Association, bringing together the individuals of Darüşşafaka Family on the basis of a joint education environment and culture, is one of the effective and respectful non-governmental organisations of our country. Intending to maximise the recognition, prestige and corporate image of Darüşşafaka as an educational institution, the Association also owns and protects the historical heritage of Darüşşafaka. The Association organises cultural and social activities particularly in the field of education in order to be able to make use of the great historical background of Darüşşafaka for the benefit of association.

If you wish to get detailed information about foundation of the Association of Darüşşafakalılar, please click and read the essay of Beşir Özmen, Member of Darüşşafaka Culture and History Commission, published in “This Month in our History” column.

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