CS in Istanbul teaching program by Asena&Nick McKeown to run for second summer

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Darüşşafaka Alumna Asena Gencel McKeown and her husband Nick McKeown organized a Computer Science teaching program for 25 Darüşşafaka students last summer in Istanbul. The program will be held this summer for the second time, this time for 100 students from around Turkey.

You can find the introduction part of an article published by Stanford Daily News about the program and the link to the full article, below.


"CS in Istanbul teaching program to run for second summer

An Istanbul program based on the curriculum of Stanford’s introductory programming methodology class, CS106A, will run for a second summer in a row to teach Turkish high school students how to code.

The program is directed by Asena Gencel MA ‘96, who works in software development, and her husband Nick McKeown, who has taught computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford for 20 years.

Gencel is an alumna of Darussafaka, a selective boarding school in Istanbul that only takes students who have lost one or both of their parents. Gencel and McKeown ran the program out of Darussafaka last summer, teaching 25 students over a two-week period, with the help of five section leaders.

This summer, they are partnering with Bosphorus University, which is in charge of selecting the 100 participating students from around Turkey and providing classroom space for the program. Eight Stanford section leaders will teach the program with the assistance of Turkish teachers.

Nick McKeown, professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, directs a program in Istanbul that teaches Turkish high school students the fundamentals of computer science." 


Please click the below link to read the full article written by Rebecca Aydin:


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