Scholarship and Distance Education Support by Darüşşafaka to 100 Students Affected by the Earthquake

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Darüşşafaka Society continues supporting students in 11 earthquake-stricken regions of Türkiye with quality education.

In addition to offering quality education with boarding and a full scholarship for 8 years at Darüşşafaka Schools to 101 students from the region with the support of Türkiye İş Bankası following Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, Darüşşafaka now provides scholarship and distance education support to 100 students in the earthquake region.

As of October, the scholarship and distance education program has been initiated for 100 students from the region who had taken the Darüşşafaka Entrance Exam in 2023 but couldn’t have gained the right to education at Darüşşafaka Schools.

The information technologies teachers and education technologists at Darüşşafaka Schools distributed tablets and gave required training to 100 students from the earthquake region on 13-14 October.

All tablets that were distributed to students enable internet access, and applications that will assist and support students in their school subjects were also installed. Students will thus be able to continue their information technologies, English, and art education, albeit remotely. Kids can access Darüşşafaka’s exclusive learning channel by using their tablets where they have personal accounts and contact school counselors to get support whenever they wish

Through the program that starts on 30 October, 100 students in the earthquake region will have English and information technologies education two days per week throughout the academic year. Within the scope of the program where every 12 students have been assigned one school counselor, kids will have the chance to meet with both their counselors and their art teachers besides the two days where they have English and IT classes.

As part of the corporate collaborations for the program which will provide not only social but also emotional training to students and their parents alike, students will take courses on information technologies from Google.  

Aiming to support another 100 students also in the 2024-2025 academic year, the program will be utilized to track both students’ participation in classes and their success at their respective schools.


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