Platinum Award in 5 Different Categories from the Marcom Awards

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The Darussafaka Society; With its 2021 Integrated Report, won the first place in 5 different categories at the Marcom Awards, known as the "Oscar of Annual Reports", and was deemed worthy of the "Platinum" awards. The Darussafaka Society also drew attention as the only institution in Turkey to receive an award.

The Darussafaka Society, with its stakeholder-oriented Integrated Report, presents its activities and future strategies with a holistic perspective every year; In the field of corporate social responsibility, it was awarded the "Platinum" award in 5 different categories at the Marcom Awards in cover, visual design, interior design, content and annual reporting of non-profit organizations.

More than 300,000 candidates have been evaluated since its inception at the Marcom Awards, the world's most applied "brand and reputation" competition.

The Darussafaka Society was scored between 90-100 points by the Marcom Awards jury, which has given valuable awards in the fields of marketing, business world and management since 1994, and achieved another international success with its latest integrated report. The Society received three awards at the Marcom Awards with its first Integrated Report published in 2020.

Darussafaka summarizes the value it creates for its stakeholders in every aspect by working with its teams throughout the year, rather than reporting it after its activities are completed; It has been preparing its Integrated Report with the principles of transparency and good governance that have been in its genetics for 159 years.

Darüşşafaka Society Chairman of the Board Oguz Gulec (DS'72) and students from Darüşşafaka

Evaluating the Darussafaka Society's receiving five first prizes from abroad with its 2021 Integrated Report, Chairman of the Board Oguz Gulec (DS'72) said, “The two Integrated Reports we have been publishing for the last two years as the Darussafaka Society have been deemed worthy of the internationally recognized Marcom Awards is very precious.



Our Association, which makes the most accurate use of every penny of donation made for the social development of our country and for our students to have a better future, in line with the principles of 'transparency', 'accountability' and 'sustainability', with a corporate rating of 9.74 is the highest-rated non-governmental organization. In a way, he remarked, "this prize is awarded to the open, honest, and sustainable structure of Darussafaka , which has been in existence for 159 years."

Awards received by our society from Marcom Awards

  • Printed Media, "Non-profit Organizations Annual Report" - Platinum
  • Print Media, "Design, Cover" - Platinum
  • Printed Media, "Holistic Design" -Platinum
  • Print Media, "Interior Design" -Platinum
  • Print Media, "Content" -Platinum
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