Fazıl Say played for Darüşşafaka

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Fazıl Say supported the mission of the Darüşşafaka Society by giving a charity concert

Fazıl Say, the worldwide famous Turkish pianist and composer, performed for the benefit of the Darüşşafaka Society at İş Sanat Concert Hall on Friday, April 6, 2018 in İstanbul. 
Darüşşafaka, with its 155-year-long existence, holds the title of being the first non-governmental organization of Turkey in the field of education. 

Founded in 1863, Darüşşafaka provides a quality boarding education for 8 years to students who have lost their mothers or fathers and have limited financial resources. There are almost 1.000 students enrolled at Darüşşafaka this year from 69 different provinces of Turkey. 
The donations raised at the concert will help cover the annual education expenses of 48 Darüşşafaka students.

Darüşşafaka Society Board Member Fırat Tekin: “We will continue to work with dedication in order to provide “equality of opportunity in education.” 

Darüşşafaka Society Board Member Fırat Tekin stated that Darüşşafaka has been working for 155 years with the mission of providing “equality of opportunity in education” and they will continue to work hard for this important mission. 

Fırat Tekin continued as follows: “I would like to thank Fazıl Say very much, for supporting Darüşşafaka and bringing us all together. Thanks to him, the unifying power of music is deeply felt by the audience tonight. I would also like to thank all the donors who support the mission of Darüşşafaka and contribute to the education of our students.”  

Fazıl Say: “We should all do something for Darüşşafaka”

Worldwide famous pianist and composer Fazıl Say said, “Darüşşafaka is a school which has existed for 155 years in Turkey. They have been doing a great job in the field of education. We should all do something for them. It is our responsibility to support Darüşşafaka students. The concert drew a large audience and this makes me very happy.”

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