Deniz Baran Karagöz, a 10th class student in Darüşşafaka is the only high school student in artificial intelligence

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Around 200 individuals from different countries of the world participated in Makeathon, being one of the most prestigious activities of Europe in this field, organized for the manifestation of artificial intelligence focused business ideas, and held online by Munich Technical University between 15th and 17th of October. Deniz Baran Karagöz, being the sole and youngest student accepted to Makeathon at secondary education level upon approval by a special jury team, represented both our country and Darüşşafaka therein.

The contest, with a great majority of participants being comprised of undergraduate and post-graduate students and business world representatives, aimed to design modern urbanization solutions in a particular city or district at the sustainability axis.  

Within the contest time of 48 hours, the team, composed of three Germans, one Colombian and Deniz Baran Karagöz, developed a system demonstrating how a certain district may be used more effectively and efficiently in terms of human and building settlements fully by using artificial intelligence over the related city and district photographs. The team, also including Karagöz, was among 32 teams found eligible to make a presentation in the final tour of the contest. Deniz Baran Karagöz and his team intend  to develop further  and commercialize this project.

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