Darüşşafaka wins four different 1st place awards at the Marcom Awards Competition

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Darüşşafaka Society came in first in all four categories it submitted an application to and won “Platinum” awards with its 2022 Integrated Annual Report at the MarCom Awards Competition, which is known as the “Oscar of Annual Reports.”

Darüşşafaka Society also became the only Turkish non-governmental organization to be awarded this prize.

Thanks to its stakeholder-oriented integrated annual report which details its activities and futures strategies every year, Darüşşafaka Society won the “Platinum” award by coming in first in two different categories where the annual reports are evaluated based on the criteria of “holistic design”, “interior design”, “writing”, and “nonprofit annual report”.  

 Since its start, more than 300,000 entries have been evaluated at the MarCom Awards, the “brand and reputation” Competition attracting the highest number of submissions in the world.

 Darüşşafaka Society achieved yet another international success with its latest integrated report, scoring between 90-100 points from the MarCom Awards jury, which has been presenting prestigious awards in the fields of marketing, business, and management since 1994. The Society received three awards at the MarCom Awards Competition with its first Integrated Annual Report published in 2020 and garnered the Platinum Award in five different categories with its 2021 Integrated Annual Report.

 Instead of reporting its activities once they are over, Darüşşafaka prepares its integrated report where it communicates the value it creates to its stakeholders by working in collaboration with its teams throughout the year in accordance with its principles of transparency and good governance encoded in its nature for 160 years.

 Speaking about coming in first in four different categories at an international competition with the 2022 Integrated Annual Report, Oğuz Güleç (DŞ’72), Chairman of the Board of Darüşşafaka Society said:

As Darüşşafaka Society, we are absolutely thrilled that our 2022 Integrated Annual Report has been deemed worthy of the MarCom Awards – an internationally recognized contest – in this special year in which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, the 150th anniversary of Darüşşafaka Schools, and the 160th anniversary of Darüşşafaka Society. Our Society, which offers high-quality education to generations who will make our country proud, strives to carry its 160-year-old mission into the future without compromising the principles of ‘transparency’, ‘accountability’, and ‘sustainability’. Having a corporate governance rating of 9.77, our Society, which is the highest-rated non-governmental organization in Türkiye, will continue to be the hope of our bright future without abandoning the principles and revolutions of our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and with the support of our esteemed donors.”

Our Society ranked first in the below categories at the MarCom Awards, the brand competition attracting the highest number of submissions in the world:

  • Publications Category, “Nonprofit Annual Report” – Platinum
  • Creativity Category, “Holistic Design” – Platinum
  • Creativity Category, “Interior Design” – Platinum
  • Creativity Category, “Writing” – Platinum
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