Darüşşafaka students visit Silicon Valley, the world's technology hub

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Eight high school students from different provinces of Türkiye who study at Darüşşafaka visited Silicon Valley, the world's technology centre, with the support of Türkiye İş Bankası.

Eight of the high school students, for whom Darüşşafaka provides quality education with the mission of "Digital Transformation", visited Silicon Valley, home to the world's largest technology companies, between January 21 and 28 with Darüşşafaka High School Principal Nilüfer Kavaklı and Assistant Principal Azize Şen Tosun. 

The students and teachers began their trip by meeting with Burak Arık, CEO of Maxitech Introduction, which was established to contribute to the digital transformation process of Türkiye İş Bankası. The Darüşşafaka team met with Yiğit Ihlamur, co-founder of "Vela Partners", and got to know the Silicon Valley ecosystem better.

The Darüşşafaka students then met with Duygu Öktem Clark, the owner of "Do Ventura Capitals", and had the opportunity to listen to Clark's business and life experiences. The Darüşşafaka team also met with Aykut Karaalioğlu, founder of MobileAction, and gained inspiring ideas about pursuing their dreams on the first day of their Silicon Valley trip.

Darüşşafaka students learned about "cloud" services used by businesses and brands from Doğuş Akaydın, team leader of Rescale Al Engineering. Touching on the impact and functionality of artificial intelligence in cloud services, Akaydın shared details with the Darüşşafaka team about the implementation of simulation applications with HPC (High Performance Computing) via the cloud.

Darüşşafaka students met with Hayal Koc, Regional Vice President of Salesforce, and received information about investment consulting in Salesforce, the tallest building in San Francisco.

Welcomed by Benan Arıgil at the Unity building, the group received detailed information about engineering and design in the gaming world and had the opportunity to hear Arıgil's life story, which led him to Silicon Valley, first hand.

Our students also visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and enjoyed a productive day exploring modern art.

On 25 January, Darüşşafak students heard the success story of Eren Hükümdar, one of the first employees to join Maxitech, and then went to the Netflix office to hear the life stories of Netflix artificial intelligence engineers Arden Dertat and Ekrem Kocagüneli. The trip team also visited Stanford University and were fortunate to spend time at one of the world's top universities. Our students visited the 'sustainable' headquarters of global technology giant Apple, described as a futuristic spaceship, and could not hide their admiration for Steve Jobs' dream come true.

The Darüşşafak students continued their trip to the Computer Science Museum, where they saw the evolution of computers from the abacus to state-of-the-art devices, and then met with Prof. Dr. Levent Ertaul, Head of the Computer Science Department at California State University, East Bay. The Darüşşafak students also met with Assoc. Prof. Dr. İzzet Sıdkı Darendeli, who teaches Strategic Business, International Trade and Entrepreneurship at the same university, and had an interview with the young entrepreneurs.

We would like to thank İşbank for enabling Darüşşafaka teachers and students to spend an unforgettable week full of science and technology in Silicon Valley, home to two thousand of the world's largest companies.

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