Darüşşafaka Society is granted “special consultative status” by United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

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Darüşşafaka Society was granted “special consultative status” by United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in July 2015.

ECOSOC engages a wide variety of stakeholders – policymakers, parliamentarians, academics, major groups, foundations, business sector representatives and 3,200+ registered non-governmental organizations – in a productive dialogue on sustainable development through a programmatic cycle of meetings.

Consultative status for an organization enables it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a number of ways.

Arrangements for consultations with NGOs are regulated by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, adopted by the Council on 25 July 1996. The entire resolution can be reached at: http://csonet.org/content/documents/199631.pdf 

It provides information on ways to participate in the work of the Council, including opportunities to organizations to consult with Member States and the United Nations system at large, based on the nature and scope of work that the organization undertakes. Consultative relationship with NGOs also enables the Council or one of its bodies to seek expert information or advice from organizations with special competence in a subject matter. Consultative status allows organizations to be informed about the provisional agenda of the Economic and Social Council. 


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