Darüşşafaka Enhanced its Grade on Compliance with the Principles of CMB Corporate Management to 9,43.

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In 2013, Darüşşafaka Society has become the first non-governmental organization to document the transparency, accountability, and sustainability of the management by a study on corporate management rating. Darüşşafaka enhanced its grade in 2017 to 9,43. 

Darüşşafaka, Turkey’s first non-governmental organization in the field of education, has had an independent corporate rating study done in 2013 based on the principles of “Transparency”, “Accountability” and “Sustainability”. Darüşşafaka started with a grade of 8,4 and in five years enhanced its note to 9,43. In 2013, Darüşşafaka got 8,4 over 10; 8,64 in 2014, 9,08 in 2015 and 9,29 in 2016. 

This result shows that Darüşşafaka complies highly with the Principles of Corporate Governance that has been published by Capital Markets Board; that they have a great sense of responsibility as well as an understanding of culture towards their members, donors, benefactors, all other shareholders and the society. 

Talha Çamaş, the Chairman of Board of Directors, expressed his pride: “Darüşşafaka’s every activity is conducted under the principles of equality, transparency, accountability and sustainability. Darüşşafaka has seen every penny of donation as a social deposit and has given a report of it to the society. The grade that our Society has gotten today, 9,43, is a result of this understanding. As Darüşşafaka, we will do whatever is necessary in order to enhance this grade every year. 

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