Darüşşafaka increased its corporate governance rating to 9.66

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Increasing its corporate governance rating to 9.66 as documented by the report for the year 2020, Darüşşafaka Society, which has been the first non-governmental organization in the field of education to procure an independent corporate governance rating service in line with the principles of “transparency”, “accountability” and “sustainability” since 2013, has been going from strength to strength. Darüşşafaka Society, which continuously increased its rating that was firstly 8.40 in 2013, has thus succeeded to become a non-governmental organization that has published a corporate governance rating report for eight consecutive years and has demonstrated progress every year.

The methodology of the examination conducted by Kobirate International Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Services is based on evaluations categorized as Shareholders, Public Disclosure and Transparency, Stakeholders, and Board of Directors. Following the analysis of 302 criteria under these categories, the corporate governance rating of the relevant institutions is graded on a 10-point scale.

“We are so happy to increase our rating each year”

Stating that they are rightfully proud to have published a corporate governance rating report for eight consecutive years and to have demonstrated progress every year, President of the Board of Directors of Darüşşafaka Society M. Tayfun Öktem (Darüşşafaka Grad ‘82) remarked, “What is important for us is to ensure that every penny donated to our Society by the members of our benevolent nation is spent appropriately and correctly for the social development of our country and for our children to have a better future. Within this scope, we, as Darüşşafaka, wanted to undergo a corporate governance rating performed by an independent institution by the principles of “transparency”, “accountability” and “sustainability” in 2013 and we became the pioneer among the non-governmental organizations in Turkey. So, our corporate rating journey began with 8.40 points in 2013. We enjoyed the happiness of increasing our rating every year.”

Announcing that Darüşşafaka increased its rating to 9.66 in 2020, Öktem said, “Our biggest responsibility towards thousands of donors of all ages who ensured the survival of Darüşşafaka and supported it until today and allowed and enabled it to instill hope and trust in the country and society is hidden in the details of this rating. We are doing our best to further increase this rating.”

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