Darüşşafaka hosted 6th Model United Nations Conference

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Darüşşafaka Schools MUN (Model United Nations) Club organized the sixth edition of Darüşşafaka Model United Nations Conference

The 6th Model United Nations Conference organized by Darüşşafaka Schools MUN Club was held on October 11-14, 2018 at Darüşşafaka Maslak Campus. 210 students from 12 different schools around Turkey participated in the conference.

Focusing on the theme of “BRAVE NEW WORLD: Ensuring International Security in an Ever-Developing World” they wrote resolutions bringing solutions to world-wide problems. U.S. Consul General Jennifer L. Davis participated in the conference as the Keynote Speaker.

U.S. Consul General Jennifer L. Davis

Students in the “United Nations International Security and Disarmament Committee" focused on international security and the negative atmosphere created by the prolification of weapons of mass destruction. This issue was taken up in the context of the official United States Procedure.

“United Nations Human Rights Committee” and “United Nations Environmental Committee” created and then voted specific resolutions and discussed the negative impacts of the theme. 

During the three-day intense debates in United Nations General Assembly, six draft resolutions were created in each committee. On the last day of the Conference, the UNGA deliberated for four hours on one resolution from each of the committees, which were then voted on by 150 delegates. One of the resolutions passed with the support of the majority in the General Assembly. 

With regard to the special committees, the “United Nations International Security and Disarmament Committee" mostly discussed the mines that were done in World War II and adopted the following resolutions:

  • Destroying the mines with volunteers
  • Creating technological devices to destroy mines quicker
  • Commisioning doctors near the volunteers who work for destroying the mines

Student delegates participated in the “United Nations Political Committee", discussed, debated and tried to find common solutions to problems of terrorism. The most discussed topics in the political committee was related to “The issue of Gaza Strip” and the suggested solutions focused on:

  • Providing Palestinian people better life standards
  • Making agreements and cooperations for the sovereignty of Palestinian people
  • Cooperating with UN nations to improve the Palestinian economy and the political issues
What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

MUN is a simulation where high school and university students assume the roles of United Nations representatives, governments and civil society organizations and discuss the current issues. 

In MUN participants use academic knowledge and language skills. It also provides intercultural interaction and fosters the sharing of ideas. It enables students to represent different views isolating themselves from individual thoughts and so improves their perspective of the world.

For more information on Darüşşafaka Model United Nations Conference 2018 please click here.

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