Darüşşafaka commemorated Atatürk on the 85th anniversary of his passing

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Darüşşafaka Schools organized Sarıyer District Memoration Ceremony for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on November 10th at Darüşşafaka TIM Show Center.

Present at the ceremony were Sarıyer District Governor Ömer Kalaylı, District Gendarmerie Commander Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Işıktaş, Mayor of Sarıyer Şükrü Genç, representatives from local authorities, Darüşşafaka Society Chairman of the Board of Directors Oğuz Güleç (DŞ’72), Deputy Chairman Erman Süsler (DŞ'75), Board Members Dr. Serpil Tunçer (DŞ'79) and Vedat Bayrak (DŞ’74), Secretary General Suat Çetin, Darüşşafaka Schools General Manager Ebru Arpacı, and school administrators, Darüşşafaka Culture and History Commission Member Beşir Özmen, Darüşşafaka teachers, students, and staff.

The first part of the ceremony for the Great Leader Atatürk started with the placement of a wreath on the bust of Atatürk at Darüşşafaka Schools by Oğuz Güleç and Ebru Arpacı at five past nine. At the ceremony Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was commemorated with a moment of silence followed by the Turkish National Anthem.

After the first part of the ceremony at the school campus, the “November 10th Commemoration Ceremony for Atatürk” was hosted at Darüşşafaka TIM Show Center with the participation of representatives from local authorities.

The ceremony which was presented by Darüşşafaka students opened with a moment of silence in the presence of Atatürk and the Turkish National Anthem.

After the National Anthem was sung, Ebru Arpacı went on stage and said:

“Dear young people, Atatürk means bringing our country to such a status that we get to change the balances, achieve legendary successes, reach the highest level achieved by the nations of the world, and go beyond that, through love, peace, science, and modernity. Work hard for this, kids. I repeat, commemorating our Great Leader means to work.

“One of the most important principles of Atatürk who loved the Turkish nation to which he belonged was to not withdraw from the people. He was a man of the people embracing every segment of society. Peasants, soldiers, policemen, teachers, artists, sportspeople, Turkish women, children, youth… In short, he valued all segments of society and got people onside while he built the Türkiye he envisioned. The happiest moments of Atatürk’s life were when he was together with his people. His words, ‘The greatest rank and reward for me is to live as a member of the Turkish nation.’ also express this clearly.  

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk always trusted and believed in the Turkish nation. He was always proud of the Turkish nation which established great governments in the history, shaped world history, and maintained a high level of civilization. Today, our duty is to follow Atatürk’s path and look to the future, to have a broad horizon and big goals. For this, we should make November 10th the biggest source of inspiration for taking steps towards the future. We must live and cherish his dreams and ideals...

On the 85th anniversary of the passing of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to the Great Beyond, I once again express my deepest gratitude to him and respectfully bow before his sublime memory.”

The winners of the 10th November-themed painting, poem, and letter competition organized by Sarıyer District Governorship District Directorate of National Education received their awards at the ceremony. Beren Tarhanacı, first place winner in the letter category, from Şehit Fatih Satır İmam Hatip High School, Defne Eliz Çınar, first place winner in the poem category, from R. Güney Kıldıran Secondary School, and Kayra Nehir Gümüş, first place winner in the painting category, from Anafartalar Primary School were handed their awards by District Governor Ömer Kalaylı.

The ceremony continued with the drama titled “A Tale of Grief” staged by participants of Darüşşafaka Secondary School Theatre Workshop and the concert titled “Deli Mavi” performed by the Choir-Orchestra Performance Group.

The audience especially loved the pieces titled “Son Bakış” and “Özledim” by the Choir-Orchestra Performance Group and was impressed by the 9th-grade students’ fascinating short waltz show and the high school student’s traditional zeybek dance performance.

At the ceremony where the Choir-Orchestra Performance Group sang the piece titled “Sonuna Kadar”, students joined the plates with our Great Leader’s sayings written on it to show the time that he passed, thereby concluding the ceremony with sorrow, longing, and pride in our hearts.  

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