2023-2024 School Year Starts With A Ceremony

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Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions opened 2023-2024 School Year with a ceremony held in Darüşşafaka TİM Performance Centre on 11th of September. 

The ceremony, bringing together all members of Darüşşafaka family, started with one minute’s silence in the memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Head Teacher and founder of the Republic of Turkey, and his comrades, and the founders and deceased donators of Darüşşafaka, followed by the Turkish National Anthem.

In the ceremony, compered by High School students Müge Ancakoğlu and Samet Ceylan, the opening speech was made by Ebru Arpacı, General Manager of Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions, who addressed 225 students enrolled in Darüşşafaka this year and said: “Our Dear Students. With you, our Darüşşafaka has become even more cheerful and beautiful… Rest assured that every member of our large family will spare no effort to ensure your upbringing as healthy, happy, and successful individuals under the roof of Darüşşafaka! We promise you to do our best and diligence for your making memories, one more beautiful than the other, under this sacred roof, and remembering each of your days in Darüşşafaka longingly and happily when the time comes.”

Ebru Arpacı: “You will carry our country to the level of contemporary civilisation!”

After stating that they have accepted 104 students from earthquake disaster area this year with the supports of Türkiye İş Bankası, and thus, a total of 225 students are enrolled in the new school year, Arpacı continued to say:

“In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we take justified pride of celebrating the 160th year of our Society and the 150th year of our Educational Institutions. For 160 years, with our ‘Equality of Opportunity in Education’ mission and expert staff members who have dedicated themselves to shaping the future, we have been working to nurture well-educated young individuals filled with hope for the future.And today, we are once more witnessing a moment of life where the past has met with the hopeful future.

Our Dear Students, you will carry our beautiful country to the level of contemporary civilisation in line with the goal pointed by our Great Leader to all of you! In this new school year, you will further enrich the soul, mission and values of Darüşşafaka. Throughout your education journey, you will learn not only the lessons, but also all colours of the life. You will take your place in a wide range from medical doctors to engineers and from artists to leaders of the future, and will shape and steer the future of our society. We wholeheartedly believe in all of you.”

Yusuf Ziya Pasha Prizes and 50th Year Special Prize are awarded

After the speech of Ebru Arpacı, during the performance of High School Orchestra, Oğuz Güleç, Chairman of the Board of Darüşşafaka Society, presented Yunus Emre Gökalp, Sevinç Orman, Tuba Aydın, Mine Akgül, Cahide Kaya, Gülben Karaçayır, Ramazan Arda Barlas, Bedirhan Sakaoğlu, Muzaffer Kağan Uzun, Yavuzhan Altay, Can Baran Özmeral, Ahmet Yasir Destebaşı, Mahir İnan, Yiğit Mert Bideci and Duygu Köse, graduates of Darüşşafaka High School, with their Yusuf Ziya Pasha prizes due to their success in 2023 university exam. 50th Year Prize is presented by Ebru Arpacı to Yunus Emre Gökalp.

5th grade student: “Darüşşafaka will carry me to my future and dreams.”

After the award ceremony, 5th grade student Emir Muhammet Tekyıldırım got on the stage with the excitement of completion of his orientation process and after saying that he is from Gaziantep, expressed his feelings as follows: “I want to be a general surgeon and relieve the people from their sufferings in the future. I know that Darüşşafaka will carry me to my future and dreams. For the first time in my life, I have a tablet computer now. I played football on a real football field for the first time. In short, I quickly adapted to the school. I wish to thank my Teacher Mehmet for his support given to me for my coming here.”

12th grade student Nas: “We will continue to work and strive for our homeland.”

12th grade student Kutay Nas, Head of School Student Council, welcomed his incoming brothers and sisters, and continued to say:

“Most probably, just like us, you are also excited for starting a new adventure in this school, but don’t worry, all of the members of Darüşşafaka Family who are now in this hall together with you have also got excited once upon a time just as you do now. Don’t forget that Darüşşafaka is not an ordinary school. As its name signifies, Darüşşafaka is a home of compassion. You are also now a part of this home and this family. At the end of friendships, adventures and memories you are going to live here for 8 years, you will also leave, but will say ‘if only it hadn’t finished’. Both you and we are the parts of the Turkish youth as addressed by our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: ‘Youngsters,you are the ones who strengthen and sustain our courage.You will be the most valuable symbol of education and culture, merit of humankind, patriotism and freedom of thought instilled into you. The rising new generation, the future is yours. We established the republic, and you yourselves will continue to raise it.’ So, we will continue to work and strive for our homeland.” 

After the speech of Kutay Nas, a group of 5th grade students read the letters they have addressed to their primary school teachers, and the 5th grade choir sang the songs they have learned during their orientation process. The ceremony is finished by Daçka Anthem sang by everyone all together.

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