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Zakat al-Fitr Donation
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Zakat al-Fitr Donation

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Zakat al-Fitr Donation

By donating fitrana, you too can be the hope for a child’s future. 

Zakat al-fitr (sadaqatul fitr), commonly known as fitrana, is obligatory on every Muslim who is considered rich based on the conditions in Islam and to give to certain people as a token of gratitude for being created as a human being and for having fasted in Ramadan. 

With your zakat al-fitr donations to Darüşşafaka during this Ramadan, you can contribute to providing a bright future to our kids, who have lost their mothers and/or fathers, through quality education. 
This year, the Presidency of Religious Affairs determined the minimum zakat al-fitr to be TL 130. You, dear donators, can donate in any amount you wish, provided it is not less than the determined amount. 

Note: Regular donation instructions can only be given by credit card on our website. In order to make regular donations from the bank, you can give an automatic payment instruction from your account to the Darüşşafaka Society’s account.

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