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Remote Learning Package


We, as Darüşşafaka Society, have made decisions due to COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world lately.  Now that we have received a more definitive guidance from the Ministry of Education (MEB), we have decided to start online/remote instruction for all our students for safety purposes. Making sure they have all returned to their home in 71 provinces of Turkey safely, our effort is to make them feel as if they study together in the classrooms of Darüşşafaka, with the same enthusiasm they always feel.

You can support their online education by donating 50 USD for our "Remote Learning Package", a package we have designed taking full account of the importance of continuous education.

We would like to express our gratitude for our dear donors, who have been supporting our mission for 157 years now. Thanks to you, we have been raising conscious individuals who are to create a better world.

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