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Monthly Food Support


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Become one of our "Monthly Food" sponsors with a monthly ₺8000 donation!

At Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions, which is a single 24/7 living organism, the monthly food expense of one of our students is ₺8.000. "Monthly Food" includes three main meals and three snacks for our students.

At the Darüşşafaka Society, we have been providing quality education opportunities to gifted children without a mother or a father and with insufficient financial means since 1863, and this has always been made possible with donations from philanthropists. You can support us today so we can continue to be the source of education, as well as the "home of compassion" for almost 1000 students from every city in Turkey, selected through examinations.  

Information: Standing Donation orders can only be set up in our web page using a credit card. You can set up a standing order with your bank if you wish to make regular payments to Darüşşafaka Society's bank account.

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