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Kitapcan Book Gift Certificate Card
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Kitapcan Book Gift Certificate Card


Help our students improve their reading habits via Kitapcan –world's first prepaid book gift certificate card developed by Herkese Kitap (Books for All) Association. 

You can help our students improve their reading habits via world's first prepaid book gift certificate card –Kitapcan – developed by Herkese Kitap Association.

Having set its primary goal as promoting and encouraging book-reading in Turkey, disseminating reading as a habit, providing equal access to books for youngsters living in different parts of Turkey, ensuring the inheritance of our book legacy by the younger generations before it perishes, and achieving the ideal of everybody reading no matter where they are, Herkese Kitap Association has Bülent Şenver* as its founding president, who is also a Darüşşafaka graduate. 

Kitapcan Book Gift

In addition to promote reading among students, if you care to confer upon them the joy of spending time in a bookstore as well as keeping up with and purchasing new books, here is what you can do:  

  • You can become a Kitapcan Parent for a class you could choose, and help our staff meet our students in monthly book-club sessions. 
  • You can become a Kitapcan Parent of student clubs of 10-15 pupils for a year, and promote their spirit of exploration. The clubs include:
  • Poem Club 
  • Poem Workshop Club 
  • Journalism Club 
  • D-Magazine Club
  • Inspirational Stories Club, and many others…
  • You can award our students who complete the academic year upon notable achievement, by becoming their Kitapcan Parent for a year.
  • You can congratulate our students who rank high in competitions with a Kitapcan book gift certificate card. 

Benefactors who are interested in becoming yearly Kitapcan Parents can make their donations in two ways (minimum monthly payment for each certificate card would be 50 TL):

  1. Donating Darüşşafaka the designated amount in a single installment, or
  2. Donating Darüşşafaka the gift certificate cards supplied by Herkese Kitap Association (as an in-kind donation)

We expect you to contribute to our mission to ensure “equality of opportunity in education”!

For further information: 

+90 212 939 28 00 #2475              [email protected] 

NOTE: The amounts that can be uploaded to Kitapcan gift certificate cards each time can be no less than 50 TL and no more than 1.000 TL. In accordance with MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) rules, the total yearly amount uploaded on a card cannot exceed 5.000 TL.

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