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This payment will be processed by a credit card using the 3D Secure ⇣ system.

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BKM Express Once you select this payment option and complete the donation form, you will be forwarded to You may login with your current credentials or create a new BKM Express account. When you are done with the payment you will be automatically redirected back to

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Get Well Soon E-Certificate 1

Donations for Special Days

Get Well Soon E-Certificate 1

In order to make your electronic certificate donation, please fill in the related sections in “Gift Certificate Donation” area in page 2:

  • Name and Surname of Recipient of Certificate
  • E-Mail Address to Which Certificate will be Sent
  • Name and Surname of Sender of Certificate

Donation amount is TL 200. The donation amount will not be seen on the certificate. (This amount is the minimum amount of donation. If you wish, you can donate a higher amount.)

Note: Electronic certificates are automatically sent to recipient and donator as soon as donation is made.  Your e-certificate may fall in spam, junk box  of e-mail address. Please check.

Information About Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698

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