Donation to Darüşşafaka

This donation type temporary closed.


Bairam Donations

Grant your fitra donations to Darüşşafaka

Our society uses your donations which you grant with the intention of fitra to meet the needs (education, nutrition, sheltering, clothing, health) of our students.

Your fitra donations becomes a future for the children whose mother or father has passed away!

Although their mother or father is not near them, you can help our children have a good future with the fitra donation that you will grant this Ramadan.

May your fitra donation be a future for the students of Darüşşafaka!

This year, the fitra amount was determined by the Presidency of Religious Affairs as minimum TRY 40. You, esteemed benefactors, can grant any amount of fitra donation you wish, provided that it is not less than the determined amount.

Information: Regular Donation orders can only be set up in our web page using a credit card. You can set up a direct payment order from your bank account to Darüşşafaka Society's bank account if you wish to make regular donations.

For further information: 

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