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Feast Donation
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Feast Donation

Feast Donation

Donate to Darüşşafaka on this Feast of Ramadan

With your Ramadan Feast donations, make the talents among us into valuable members of society who will change the future.

Since 1863, as the Darüşşafaka Society, we have been raising talented children with limited financial means whose mother or father has passed away as leaders who are lifelong learners adopting universal values and aware of their duties and responsibilities towards society. 

​We provide our children with a boarding education opportunity with a full scholarship, with classes offered in English. We ensure that all of them begin their work-life as equipped with the competencies of the 21st century and thus we sustain the principle of “equal opportunity in education” with your support. Altogether we make the talents among us into valuable members of society who will change the future.

In this Ramadan during which the feelings of sharing, mutual assistance, friendship, and brotherhood/sisterhood are experienced to the fullest, you can also stand by our students and present them a life that has changed through education, with the feast donations that you will grant without underestimating or overestimating the amount.

​Today, with your support, we provide the opportunity of both a compassionate home and a cutting-edge education for approximately 1000 children from 72 provinces of our country whose mother or father has passed away, whom we have determined through an exam.May your Ramadan Feast Donation be a good future for Ömer.

The pocket monies you will grant will be a future for the students of Darüşşafaka.

Your feast donations are used for the needs of our students. In addition to the education of our students, we meet al their needs such as nutrition, sheltering, clothing, health and pocket money with your donations. Your donations in this Ramadan will also be spent for the expenses of our students.

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