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Earthquake Support Campaign

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Earthquake Support Campaign


Darüşşafaka Earthquake Support Campaign

Together, we are creating a high-standard educational environment for earthquake survivors under the roof of Darüşşafaka.

At Darüşşafaka Society, we have always been a nest of compassion for our children who tragically lost their parents. Although they are very talented, they do not have the financial means to realize and apply their gifts. We have taken care of our children, whom we brought to our educational institutions from regions damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes, and have prepared them for a bright future by ensuring them a quality education.

Now, we have increased our quota to provide 8 years of uninterrupted quality education to our children who lost their parents in the earthquake in eleven provinces.

With the help of contributions from our donors and specifically Türkiye iş Bankası, we have begun preparations for the participation of earthquake survivors in the Darüşşafaka family for the 2023-2024 academic year.

We created a new donation campaign in order to provide more opportunities to earthquake survivors, offer a quality education they deserve, and to reach more students from the earthquake area.

With your valuable support to this donation campaign, we will increase the number of our classrooms, laboratories and develop  spaces for our students in accordance with the technology of today. We will make our student houses and study areas suitable for greater capacity and increase the size of the playgrounds.

We will increase the number of tablets and computers for the technology-supported education of our students. We will increase the number of talent workshops in order to provide an educational environment that helps our children discover and develop their talents. Music, sports and art areas will also be organized according to capacity, and their numbers increased.

We will increase the number of qualified teachers to support our students who are psychologically, socially and emotionally affected by the earthquake. We will prepare our students for a better future with our psychological support programs and quality education.

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