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Digital Education Support


You can support the digital education of our students with your monthly donation of 200 TL.

As Darüşşafaka Society, we have been changing the lives of our students with quality education and enlightening the future of our country with the mission of “Equality of Opportunity in Education” since 1863. 

We meet all the needs such as education, accommodation, nutrition, clothing, personal care products, health, participation in cultural and social activities of our talented students we raise with with modern and contemporary education, whose mothers and/or fathers are no longer alive and who have insufficient financial means. 
In addition, we provide our children with easy access to educational materials and content through the digital education we offer in their learning process regardless of time and place, and we make our children’s dreams come true thanks to the support of our donors.

You can provide digital education support for our students to use the applications downloaded on their tablets without any interruption and you can be the smile on our children’s faces.

Note: Regular donation orders can only be made by credit card on our web page. To make regular donations from the bank, you can give an automatic payment order from your account to the Darüşşafaka Society account.

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For further information: 

Corparte Donation +90 212 939 2800 #2495   [email protected]    
Individual Donors +90 212 939 2800 #2161   [email protected]  


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