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Destination Imagination

Support to Education

Having achieved major success in the regional and country-wide tournaments where they competed against  the Destination Imagination Clubs of other junior-high and high schools since 2009, most recently Darüşşafaka students made it to the top-ten in the Global Finals of 2013.

What is Destination Imagination (DI)? 

DI’s main program is based on “creative problem solving with a focus on the process” theory. Its aim is to foster young people's creative, critical thinking, collaboration, efficient use of time and problem solving skills. Composed of 4-7 people, each team works on a Team Challenge for about 10 weeks focusing on a theme like fine arts, structural, improvisional, scientific or technical design, and comes up with a solution. Instant Challenges drive the teams to think, decide and implement quickly. DI helps young people gain life-long skills in a safe environment while serving as a source of entertainment. 

At the Destination Imagination Global Finals held in Tennessee, USA on 22-25 May 2013, Darüşşafaka's “Daçka Warriors” team came 8th after competing against more than 1.200 teams from 45 US states, Canada and 13 countries, honoring Turkey and their school. At the end of the finals where scoring among the top-ten teams is considered a huge success, during the closing ceremony held in the NBA Arena, Daçka Warriors took pride in having the names Turkey and  Darüşşafaka written on the vast screen.

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