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Having been organized over the past 20 years by a committee of Darüşşafaka students and come to be a part of Darüşşafaka tradition, Darüşşafaka Culture and Art Festival -DaçkaFest- is held during the last week of each academic year hosting a variety of events and festivities.

Planned and undertaken by our 11th graders, the festival brings together a wide range of recreational, educational and artistic activities such as kite-flying festival, interscholastic sports tournaments, movie screenings, theatre plays, concerts, musicals and workshops. The latest one, Daçkafest 2013, hosted the bands Büyük Ev Ablukada and Post. The festival also offers games and entertainment activities like carnivals, barbeque parties, water fights, rock-paper-scissor tournaments, magic shows and costume parties. 

Daçkafest is a place for our students to proudly celebrate having successfully completed another academic year of hard work and diligence. When the festival is over, they say goodbye to their school and friends to go back home to their families whom they have missed all year-long. 

You can support us in our mission to ensure “equality of opportunity in education” by making a donation to DaçkaFest to which our students look forward during the academic year. 

For further information: 

+90 212 939 28 00 #2475              bagis@darussafaka.org 

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DaçkaFest Support Fund

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