Darüşşafaka Museum

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The Darüşşafaka Museum which is located in the Maslak campus, aims to display Darüşşafaka's deep rooted history. The Museum was opened on May 19, 2013, thanks to the dedicated efforts and five-year long voluntary work of 1952 Darüşşafaka graduate Nami Gönenç.


The Museum features numerous items including various educational tools, school uniforms, lecture notes, books used throughout the 151-year history of Darüşşafaka and photographs. At the Museum, there are more than 400 lithograph books as well as over 11 thousand books written in different languages (such as Turkish, Ottoman, Persian, French, German, etc...) and oil paintings granted to the Society. 


Also, different materials from the telegraphy education period at Darüşşafaka, weapons used in military training and various laboratory equipment are exhibited in the Museum.

You can schedule an appointment to visit the Darüşşafaka Museum by sending an email to canan.curgen@darussafaka.org.


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