Urla Yaşam

Located in Urla, Izmir, among palm trees, Urla Yaşam offers a new experience for people over 55.


Offering its residents a safe, pleasurable and sincere atmosphere where they can make new friends, Urla Yaşam consists of 120 rooms / suites and can host up to 152 people. With single and double rooms, Urla Yaşam – unlike nursing homes – allows the residents to live their own lives in their own rooms. Designed with comfort, ease and needs of guests in mind, the rooms offer a full bath and mini kitchen.

Urla Yaşam creates funds for Darüşşafaka students

A Darüşşafaka Institution, Urla Yaşam enjoys continued operation due to receipt of monthly fees from the residents; any income derived from a surplus of fees is used for the education of Darüşşafaka students. Aiming to move further the original approach and quality that Darüşşafaka created with its residence project, Urla Yaşam offers a sincere atmosphere with a compassion-based service approach for people who would like to live their last years in a happy, safe and delightful environment.


Common function areas

There are various public places at Urla Yaşam such as the lounge, hobby room, TV room, library, restaurant and cafe. The lounge and the coffee hall offer guests a comfortable environment with modern decoration and elegance. Residents can get together in this tranquil environment to chat or watch TV anytime they want.

Meals prepared by dieticians

Featuring menus conceived by nutritionists with the health of residents kept in mind, meals are prepared at Urla Yaşam's own kitchen and presented in a comfortable atmosphere. Residents can enjoy home meals at the well designed restaurant overlooking nature. With three main meals and a snack meal, the restaurant can accommodate special diet meals.

7/24 healthcare service

Urla Yaşam, a primary healthcare service unit, features a doctor and a healthcare team working on 7r days 24 hours basis.



Active social life

The Unit, opened in Urla known as “lungs of Aegean Region” due to its clean and fresh air, is providing its residents with an alternative life opportunity inside the nature. A live social atmosphere is created with entertainment activities, small games and hobby activities organized under control of social service experts. In addition, hairdresser services are also offered for personal care of residents.

A safe address where you can entrust your relatives who need special care: Urla Yaşam Special Care Unit

Urla Yaşam Special Care Unit provides a solution for elderly people who can no longer live safely on their own – a growing social problem in Turkey. The Unit provides care by specialist doctors, nurses, psychologists, social service experts and experienced caregivers to people over 55 affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, paralysis, Plegia and similar diseases, decubitus ulcers, colostomy, PEG (preventing oral feeding) or nasogastric probe, and those requiring post-operation care. Boasting state-of-the-art technological equipment and infrastructure, Urla Yaşam Special Care Unit provides patients with affectionate and compassionate care on a periodic or permanent basis. With a total service capacity of 52 patients, the Unit consists of 36 standard rooms and 8 suites. All rooms can transform into intensive care units when needed. All rooms feature exclusively produced anti-wound orthopaedic beds. Expert physiotherapist-controlled in-bed physiotherapy exercise is among the services.







Our guests are under 24-hour supervision of experts

Residents' rooms are monitored around the clock by medical personnel. Relatives may also monitor patients online via password-protected access.


Careful diet, as in everything else

Guests may receive their meals via room service or, if needed, care assistants will help feed guests. Meal services are made in anti-cold thermal cases so that guest can eat whenever they want. Those who wish can also eat at Urla Yaşam's restaurant.

Away-from-hospital atmosphere with the comforts of home

With a geriatrics team working 24 hours, the Unit also contains public areas such as TV room, lounge and game room. The Unit offers the most advanced methods for providing treatment and care – all in a sincere and comfortable place, away from a hospital. Located at the Urla district of Izmir, which is known as "the lungs of Aegean" due to its fresh air, the Unit offers an alternative way of life within nature. A lively social atmosphere helps the rehabilitation and healing process, with games and events designed to combat boredom and relieve exhaustion.  Hairdresser services are also available for residents' personal care.

You won't be worrying about your old family members while going on a vacation or business trip!

All guests within the unit are monitored 24 hours a day via camera. From institution doctors to nurses, all staff are knowledgeable enough to be able to provide immediate response and intervention in the event of a medical emergency. Delicately conceived, meticulously planned, and professionally prepared, the state-of-the-art Urla Yaşam Special Care Unit offers you or your relative a healthy, warm, and affectionate lifestyle.

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