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Darüşşafaka Society aims to be a pioneer for all of the non-governmental organizations along this path as well by implementing the principles of corporate governance.

In terms of corporate governance, all activities of the Society are based on the principles of “equality”, “transparency” and “accountability”,  and emphasis is put on efficient and effective management of the Society’s sources.

During the process started in 2007, the below mentioned commissions are established within the framework of the generally accepted corporate governance principles and the Charter of our Society. In addition, steps are taken both on the working principles and procedures of these commissions, and on internal regulations covering all activities and operations of our Society.

Our Society relies all of its activities and operations upon its awareness as to the fact that an institution funded by donations, like Darüşşafaka, can have a long-lasting and steady existence only if and to the extent it can gain and maintain trust of its donators and members and all other segments of the society. That is why both the Charter of our Society and its internal regulations are entirely based on this awareness and on the principle of transparency, and the Society bases all of its activities and practices on these principles.


  • Term of office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors is limited by 6 years through amendments in the Charter.
  • It is clearly stated in the Charter that the board membership is an honorary service.
  • It is stated in the Charter that the expense reimbursements paid to the members of the Board during the year will be included in the final account report submitted to the General Assembly.
  • By amendments made in Darüşşafaka Society Real Properties Regulation and in Darüşşafaka Procurement Regulation, chairmen and members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors, and employees of the Society, and their relatives are forbidden to sell any goods or services to or purchase any goods or services from the Society, and to bid in the bid tenders regarding real properties.
  • At the end of each year, financial statements of the Society are examined by independent external audit companies. In addition, an internal audit unit is established to identify and minimize risks arising out of existing applications and operations during the year.
  • All activities and financial statements of the Society, and bid tenders relating to sales and leasing of real estates, and procurement and purchasing tenders are regularly published on the Society's website.
  • A quarterly letter is sent to members regularly, informing them about the activities and financial statements of the Society.
  • A “Donators’ Day” is organized each year in October so that they can be informed in details about the use of the sources and all other activities of the Society.
  • The process of acceptance of students to Darüşşafaka is managed by the “Student Selection, Registration and Acceptance Commission” (composed of members of the Board of Directors of the Society and the relevant directors of Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions ), in accordance with the procedures and principles adopted by the Board of Directors.
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