Principles and Policies

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The Society is continuing its operations keeping in mind that a charity can only be long-lasting and stabilized if its donors, members and other parts of the society have trust in it. Thus, along with regulations aimed at ensuring transparency in the framework of such consciousness about both the Charter of the Society and the domestic legislation, these are adopted as principle for every activity of the Society. 

Within this scope;

  • Chairman’s term of office was limited to 6 years with the amendments made in the Charter of the Society. 
  • The Charter of Darüşşafaka Society has envisaged the Board of Directors membership as a voluntary/unsalaried service from the start. 
  • It was included in the charter that payments against expenditures made to the Board of Directors members throughout the year will appear in the audit report submitted to the General Assembly. 
  • With the amendments made within the Darüşşafaka Society Regulation for Real Estate and Darüşşafaka Regulation for Purchases; along with Society’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Board members and chairmen, employees of the Society and their relatives were banned from selling to/buying from the Society, and participating in real estate tenders as well. 
  • Financial statements of the Society are regularly reported to the General Assembly in detail. In order to increase the supervisory efficiency of the General Assembly, amendments within the charter - especially about budget processes - were made. 
  • Financial statements of the Society are subjected to audit by external auditing companies. Additionally, an internal auditing unit was formed aimed at assessing the risks arising from practices and operations throughout the year. 
  • Financial statements, all activities, real estate sales as well as rental and purchasing tenders of the Society are posted on the Society’s website on a regular basis. 
  • Members are informed of the activities of the Society and financial statements via letter every three months. 
  • Every year in October, a “Donors Day” is held and our donors are provided with detailed information about the use of Society’s resources and other activities of the Society. 
  • The process about the admission of students to Darüşşafaka Schools is managed by the “Commission for Student Selection, Matriculation and Acceptance” formed by members from the Board of Directors of the Society and administrators from Darüşşafaka Schools, in accordance with procedures and guidelines accepted by the Board of Directors.