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Darüşşafaka has been changing lives through education since 1863, and writing a never-ending story. By donating to Darüşşafaka, make this story last forever!

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For one and a half centuries, Darüşşafaka Society has been providing underprivileged children with a better education. These children depend on you.

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"Equal Opportunity in Education" since 1863

Darüşşafaka Schools

Being the first private school, established by a non-governmental organization, Darüşşafaka Schools have been providing education with full scholarship to children, whose mothers or fathers are not alive, financial status is insufficient and who are successful, starting from the 1st grade of the secondary school to the graduation from the high school, in boarding school and college level in English since 1873.

Darüşşafaka meets all the needs of students with donations, by aiming to bring up children, who are entrusted by their families at the age of 10, as lifelong learning, researching, questioning, modern, self - confident and accountable leaders.

"A New Home" for You, “A Brighter Future” for Our Children.


You may claim your place at Darüşşafaka Residences any time you want, giving you the chance to receive exclusive quality of service and to contribute through your donations to the bright future of our children.

Yakacık Residence

Representing the first of Darüşşafaka Residences, Yakacık Residence has been hosting guests since 1997. Having been used as a hunting area during Ottoman times, the area that now makes up Yakacık Residence is very close to Aydos, one of the last oxygen rich areas of Istanbul with its pine forests. It is close to the city centre and is ideal for those who wish to live in wide open spaces.

Maltepe Residence

Having opened in 2004, Maltepe Residence consists of 108 apartments of four different types. Preferred for its proximity to Istanbul's city life, different apartment options and the closely positioned Darüşşafaka Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, the Maltepe Residence features a rich social life with gaming rooms, gyms and hobby rooms.

Şenesenevler Residence

Having opened in 2005, Şenesenevler Residence is only five minutes from Bağdat Street and 15 minutes away from Kadıköy, both on Istanbul’s Asian side. Preferred by those who demand easy access to city life, Şenesenevler Residence consists of 63 suites.

Urla Residence

The road to Urla Residence passes first through an olive grove before opening up to an evergreen palm forest. The largest residence of Darüşşafaka, Urla Residence opened its doors to residents in 2007 in Izmir, the "Aegean Pearl".

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