Chairman's Message

“We believe that we take a further step towards a brighter future for Turkey with each one of our graduates.”

Incorporating Atatürk's principles, Darüşşafaka Society maintains the "equality of opportunity in education" principle by providing an education to talented but needy children with one or no parents, thus enabling them to evolve into self-confident, thinking, curious, questioning, intelligent and patriotic young adults who feel responsible for their society and for their families.

 Today, nearly 1,000 students – girls and boys from 70 provinces all  over the country selected by examination – are raised with the  Darüşşafaka spirit at Darüşşafaka Schools based on cooperation, solidarity, sharing and honesty.

Ours is an innovative structure, supporting modern education while  also preserving our traditions. And with our 154-year history of  leadership in both civil society and in education, we serve as a model for sustainable institutions in Turkey. 

As an education-focused non-governmental organization rooted in Turkish society, we owe our ability to continue our valuable work to  the donations from generous donors – 100% of whom we have satisfied with flawless devotion to trust and confidence.

In today’s world, trust and confidence are in demand more than ever before. At Darüşşafaka, we adhere strictly to a policy of transparency whereby non-confidential information about donations is made publicly available via annual reports, the Internet, and other communication channels.

The greatness of the work done by Darüşşafaka – never deviating from its mission or quality – is evident throughout its history of educating and otherwise improving the lives of thousands of children. The heroes and heroines may change, yet our story remains the same: Children who have lost one or both parents at a young age, who barely have the chance to attend school let alone acquire a university education, are given a chance. Ours is a story of a journey from black to green, as our school colors imply.

Darüşşafaka is not only a school but also a big family in a caring home. Children from the age of 10 are entrusted to us, and we raise them with affection and see them off as young adults at the age of 19. Having internalized the Darüşşafaka spirit, they continue their education either in the field or at universities. They advance in their careers, some of them becoming bankers or politicians, others becoming doctors, lawyers, journalists, scientists, or artists. All of them, however, are true life examples of lives that have been improved with education.

We are thankful for our 154 years of unflinching donor support. We thank our teachers who continue to serve devotedly, preparing our children for the future in the best possible way. We thank our children's guardians who have entrusted their children’s care to us. And we thank all our present and former students… We are proud of their successes, and we know they stand with us no matter where in the world they are now. At Darüşşafaka, we believe that every student who graduates brings us one closer to a brighter future for Turkey. 

M. Talha Çamaş (DŞ’69)

Chairman of the Board
The Darüşşafaka Society